Thursday, May 25, 2017

Finally some bad weather

Wednesday, May 23, 2017

       We left Yorktown in the rain and mist with small craft advisories and choppy seas forcast but decided to try our luck.  It was a pretty long boring day since we couldn’t see much and it was a long way to the Potomac River and a decent marina for the night.  The Chesapeake and the mouth of the Potomac are really wide and so there wasn't much to see. except bouncing seas.  Im doing really well so far and haven't been seasick at all.   But we made over 80 miles and are in striking distance of Washington DC where we plan it see four nieces and nephews and assorted grandnieces and nephews.  We ended up at a 50 year old marina and boat yard which still had the old railroad tracks in use for pulling boats out of the water to work on them. 
this is a lot different than the cranes and slings that move boats all around marinas now, but it still works.

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