Thursday, May 18, 2017

On to the Chesapeake

May 16, 2017.
      Beaufort was our last stop of any interest.  It is 200 miles of huge sounds, rivers and canals with nothing but water, trees and some wild life until we get to Norfolk, Mile 0 on the ICW.  We stopped in Oriental.  Good comfort food, a coffee shop open early for a latte and a tiny swimming pool to lounge by to finish my Charleston murder mystery, Low Country Boil.  We did have a nice visit with some other Loopers from Maine.  A lobster fisherman and his wife who live in Florida now and take the boat back to Maine for the summer.
May 17
       Next stop was Belhaven: beautiful restored mansion and marina with golf carts for getting into town and a wonderful dinner at a farm to table restaurant. This dragon is the town's mascot.

May 18
        Seven hours today and we are in Alligator NC.  A gas station, dock and reportedly great fried chicken.  But if you look at a map you will see that we are really out in the middle of nowhere. But maybe people think that as they drive across I70 in the desert.

       One thing I have been amazed at in all these small towns is that they have the most incredible hardware stores where you can find anything marine you need from the smallest nut or screw to carpet for the cockpit.  But not Alligator.

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