Thursday, May 18, 2017

Crashing Seas


 The crashing waves only lasted about an hour and they were straight into our bow which is a lot easier to take than rolling waves moving us side to side.  As we got farther up the Cape Fear River things calmed down and we continued to enjoy the scenery in North Carolina.  But we kept a watch out for pirates.  Every visitors’ center for the next 150 miles reminded us we were in Pirate country, from Blackbeard to German U boats. 
   We ended up anchoring out with Journey and Nearly Perfect in Mile Hammock Bay.  We weren’t too worried about Pirates there because the US Marines were doing touch and goes in Ospreys for about 6 hours.  But we got the dinghy out and motored over to Nearly Perfect for docktails with Jack and Patty Nickerson of Nearly Perfect and Randy and Michelle Palmero on Journey. Before the sunset there were about 7 boats in the beautiful little bay, and the Ospreys had quit there runs.

    The next morning was Saturday so the marines were off and I went for a beautiful ride in my kayak before we took off.

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