Saturday, May 6, 2017

    April 29 and 30 were all one blur of sea grass and water as we headed out of Georgia and into South Carolina.  It isn’t very far from Amelia Island to Hilton Head, but since we really can’t go out into the ocean, the ICW winds like a pile of rope that someone just dropped. We decided to try anchoring instead of going into a marina on Saturday because there really weren’t any in a good spot for stopping for the night.  We try to make 50-60 miles a day when we’re trying to get somewhere and 40 if we want to stop and see something.  We managed to anchor without too much trouble.  John is going to do a guest blog on anchoring and docking at marinas.  I liked it because it’s lots easier than docking at a marina on my part.  Of course you can’t get off the boat, but we are really self-contained with and generator to run all the electrical (even air conditioning) and full bathroom facilities. 

      Sunday we got an early start, not much else to do and were planning on staying near Savanah.  So we could Uber into town.  It wasn’t worth going 10 miles out of our way since both John and I have been in Savanah more than once, but when I started calling around for a slip for the night I struck out.  All of them were full up.  (Made us realize we probably better start planning a little farther ahead.  So we found another nice anchorage in Herb River, just off of the docks of some beautiful Savanah homes.  That night we I grilled a great rib eye for dinner on our propane gas stove.  Great dinner for the middle of a river in the Georgia low country.  (More on food later) .

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