Monday, May 1, 2017

April 24-25, 2017; Cocoa Village Marina

24th: Continuing north, running longer days since we are a month behind.  Got into Cocoa Village Marina early afternoon on the 24th.  Dinner w/ Caroline (Tootsie) and Charles Davidson at Chez Marquesa, nice restaurant in the restored "village".  The Davidsons own a ranch north of Yellowjacket Pass NE of Meeker.  Joan Savage met Carroll Carol, Tootsie's mother in the Women's Forum and I have done some legal and consulting work for them.  Charles and I mostly listened, Tootsie and Sally drank the wine and had a great time.

25th: Turned 66 today!  Guess I should be glad health is still decent and we are on our great adventure, but its still 66!!

Spent an extra day in Cocoa so we could go to dinner w/ Craig Macnab and his wife Diedre in Winter Park (north of Orlando).

Took  a nice bike ride in AM north on Riverside Rd.  Great residential street along about 15 miles of the Indian River.  No bike  paths or shoulders, but minimal traffic.

The Macnabs have a house in Steamboat Springs and recently purchased Oscar Wyatt's ranch on the White River (formerly Raley ranch and others).  They now own the ranches on either side of our White River Ranch.  Very nice dinner at Chez Vincent in Harbor Square in Winter Park.  Much different than I expected.  My only experience /w Orlando had been the airport, amusement parks and glitzy shopping malls along the freeways.  Winter Park is a modest, "old Florida" town, now swallowed up by the Orlando megalopolis.  Old downtown area redeveloped with several restaurants and shops.  Traffic in central Florida as bad as everywhere else and lots of construction going on.

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  1. RE traffic - do you rent cars at the different marinas or take taxis?