Thursday, June 1, 2017

Slogging up the Potomac

Thursday, May 25
       The weather didn’t improve but it wasn’t too bumpy so I spent some time on the  computer while we were underway. Unfortunately I missed the only really exciting thing of the day.  A military patrol boat called John on the radio and requested that he change course to the other side of the river since they were having artillery practice, at the targets in the river. 
     We didn’t try to push too far since it was going to be a two day trip to DC anyway.  As many of the people we have met looping have said, the trip up the Potomac is really boring.  Or quiet and peaceful if you think that way.  I was really surprised that there were not more homes or small town along the way, but I think the government or the military own most of it.  And actually, as in Oregon, with all the trees coming right down to the water, there may be lots of people within ¼ mile of the river, but you can’t see them.  Found a nice little marina at the 60 mile point right underneath a railroad bridge for the Virginia commuter trains, and spent the night.  They did recommend some pizza places that would deliver but I cooked on board.  Next morning after a beautiful morning walk we kept slogging upriver.  And that made the trip all worth while.

Friday, May 26
      A beautiful day, an easy ride and a great dinner at a small plates Balkan restaurant once we got to DC.  Otherwise I’ll let the pictures tell their own story. 
Mount Vernon
Fort Washington

First view of the Washington Memorial

Washington and Jefferson Memorials

Lincoln Memorial 

Kennedy Center on his 100th birthday

This is for Louis, the Georgetown Rowing Club? 

This was just as I had imagined, coming up the Potomac and seeing all the famous and historic sites from the boat.  Well worth the 4 day detour.  But the best was yet to come.


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  1. Sally ~ just found out about your blog and enjoyed catching up on your adventures. Be safe and I'll continue following your blog.