Saturday, May 6, 2017

  May 3, 2017
               After two nights in Hilton Head we headed north and felt like we were really starting out loop, slowing down and little and discovering interesting off of the beaten path spots.

   The first one we encountered was Edisto Beach, a little marina just off of a river close to the beach.   This was the first time that there was no one to help us dock so I had to lasso the cleat on the dock to pull us in.  John got me close enough that I got it on about the third try.   We both have to get better at that with a name like Colorado Cowboy on our stern. 
        Pretty good bike path through a jungle like area and down to the beach.  We headed out together, but I found a Farmers Market and stopped while John headed on.   I stopped on the beach to walk out to the ocean.  The area really reminded me of Gearhart.  Reasonable homes sitting right on the beach, a small commercial area and back water sloughs.    I found a fresh seafood place and got a piece of Wahoo for dinner and we have a nice dinner on the boat.


  Next stop on Thursday was Charleston.  I had insisted that we stay two nights so I could get a full day in Charleston.

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