Sunday, April 30, 2017

     We were on our way, but mostly retracing our route from the fall and dodging "go fast boats" and their wakes.  The stretch of water from Miami to Cocoa is a real playground for Floridians.  From taco stands on the sand bars in the water, dock and tie bars lining the ICW, to mega yachts in the marinas, they love the water.  DelRay Beach Friday night was much quieter and a lovely little town with a great sports bar, Granger's, with wonderful fried oysters, Lightly battered and almost raw inside.
       Off on Saturday morning we headed to Stuart, the jumping off point for going across Florida on the Okeechobee waterway and the Caloosahatchee River to Ft Myers.  We stayed at a different marina in Manatee Pocket not far from the main ICW.   The marina had a great swimming pool and after working up my nerve to get a dip in a non heated pool I was pleasantly surprised to find it heated.  The exercise was wonderful since we do a lot of sitting on the boat..  Saturday night found us at the Sebastian Inlet marina.  A very tight and scary place to dock without hitting other boats of pilings. Out boat acts like a kite in the wind and our little engines make it really hard to handle in tight quarters.  John is getting really good at handling all that, but it pretty hard on his stomach.
When we woke up to pouring rain and stiff wind, we were worried about getting out, but in a lull in the wind but still raining John said "We're going" and I said "Aye aye Captain."  A beautiful exit from the harbor and a rainy day which discouraged most of the fast boaters made for a lovely quiet day on the Indian River.
      The sun came out in the afternoon and we got to Cocoa, where we were meeting friends, early enough to practice anchoring in a bay just short of the harbor.  Actually it was the first time we had tried it on this boat.  More about two days in Cocoa, a lovely little town  in the next segment.

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  1. Can you ever just stop the motors and jump out for a swim??