Thursday, July 27, 2017

Summertime in Ontario

July 20, 2017
     We found out how Canadians play in the summer.  They all have summer “cottages” on the lakes.  The TS waterway is actually a series of locks which link a huge network of lakes. In their short summer, they all take to the water.  Some of the cottages are funky old cabins, some RV’s and some really beautiful homes, but all with boats, or houseboats you can rent.
cottage country
We left Young’s Point and had some really white knuckle cruising among the rocks and islands on Stony Lake and its neighbors.  The problem here is that if you hit bottom its granite and is not kind to your boat hull. 
Dange!! There be rocks!

Pretty little church on a small island with really high water
We cruised with the party boats through cottage country all day and got to Bobcaygeon, a classic Canadian vacation town, with a shoe store like I had never seen.  So many pairs of shoes, and really expensive.    Canadians don’t have to have a cottage though.  Lots of them just have  small day cruise boats that they spend the weekends in, either on the water or just hanging out in the marinas.  Kind of floating condos.  The best recommended restaurant was Just for the Halibut, so we got fish and chips to go and ate on the boat.  Again, a mob scene on the lock wall, but we do like to have power when we can so we found a marina.
Where's the party?

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