Thursday, July 27, 2017

Are we there yet? Or what lock are we on now?

Dates are a little off above but start in correctly here,  There TS Waterway was beautsiful but getting a little monotonous.

July 22, 23, 2017
         From Bobcaygeon we had two days to the boat yard through some more lakes and the Trent Canal which is literally a one way canal, 6 feet deep that is cut out of granite.  When we entered a section of the canal we had to broadcast on the radio that we were entering from one end so that other large boats would wait till be had come through. 

Th water is really clear so you can see the rocks and try to avoid them.

A golf course along the canal that we didn't stop at.


Elevator going down.

Another tight spot

         The first night we stayed above the Kirkfield Lock.  Our only requirement was that we could tie up in a spot where our TV antennae could get a good signal for the British open, so that night we stayed on the top of another lift lock so the trees were not in the way.  Some people we had met along the way went through the lock (now we were going down) and stayed down below.  And had had a rough day since their boats needed 4 and 5 feet of water respectively.  We have a little easier time since we only need 3 feet.
          The next day we pushed on and emerged on Lake Simcoe.  We were lucky and inspite of some wind the lake was reasonably calm and we traveled along the lake for 10 miles to our marina.  
This marina even has docks for sea planes.
 It is a very fancy membership club, where people keep their boats and furnish the dock like a deck or patio and the marina furnishes very good gas grills for them to use.  Also the docks and covered, which made reception for our antennae a challenge, but we finished worked it out and finished the Open. 
July 23, 24, 2017
      First thing Monday morning the service department of the boat yard came over, analyzed our problem with the same solution that John had figured out, got the part ordered and we left to play golf.  A round of golf in Canadian mist, kind of like Oregon, where it doesn’t really rain but you get pretty wet, but the sun eventually came out. 
       On Tuesday we got a rental car and headed to Toronto and Niagara Falls.

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