Thursday, July 27, 2017

Navigating without a bow thruster

July 19,
      The next day was a long one with not much to show for it but more elevation and 15 miles.
The most exciting thing was that the first lift of the day was a lift lock.  In this style there a really just two “bath tubs” .  Our boat went into the lower one, and they filled the upper one with a little more water than in the lower, and like a teeter totter we went up!  Really slick and lots faster than the standard gate variety.  Also this lock took us up 65 feet. 

View from the bottom
Going up

View from the top
this house boat got a little too close

     We also picked up a lot more boat traffic and had to fit more boats into each lock.  The first one was a house boat that was really wide and barely fit next to us.  After that we tried to get the house boat to go in first next to a smaller boat and then we paired up with another small boat.
      Found a really little marina and got in with some help with the dock master, and a little bumper car play with another boat on the dock.  We wanted to stay at one of the locks, but it was filled up by the time we got there.  We had really picked up a lot more traffic and there was less room for tying up at the locks.


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