Thursday, July 27, 2017

Starting the Trent-Severn Waterway

July 17, 2017

      We got a good taste of locks on the Trent Severn with 8 locks right off the bat.  They are much smaller since they never really had any commercial traffic and very user friendly.  On these you catch a cable that is connected at the top and bottom and then tie a line around them, but there are more people working the locks and they are really helpful if you’re having trouble getting a line on the cable.  Lots of these are the old manually turned gates and water valves.   Its also nice since this is Canada’s 150th  birthday the locks and parks are all free.   They are set up so that we can tie up for the night right at the lock.  After 8 locks we had had enough on Monday night so we tied up above the lock in a lovely little park with a grill so I listened to music, drank some wine and grilled a rib eye.   It was a lovely evening, though usually I tell people that living in western Colorado, I didn’t come on this trip for tranquil parks but once in a while its nice.   And did I say the lock workers were helpful?  The guy came up to where we were trying to catch a cleat and helped us tie up.
The Trent-Severn was finally built in the early 20th century when the possibilty of electrical power became a reality. On the left is the dam and water coming over, the lock in the middle and the power plant.

Peaceful evening at Lock 8

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