Friday, July 7, 2017

Hudson River

July 2-3, 2017
   Heading up the Hudson, which is tidal all the way to the Erie Canal, we got ahead of the incoming tide and it was slow going to our first stop just north of New York City at Half Moon Bay in Croton –on-Hudson.   Nice marina, very nice bike path all along the bay and real 4th of July party going on boats in the bay by the state park.  Kind of Biscayne-bay-on-the-Hudson.   A great classic diner for dinner that fed us for two nights!   And a fireworks show across the river in Haverstraw Bay to top off Sunday night. 
     Stayed two nights at the marina hoping to find someone to change the oil and filters in the engines but marine mechanics are really hard to get to work sometimes.  So over my strenuous objections John decided to do it himself.  I was remembering an earlier episode where he forgot to but the cap back on the oil and only figured out that oil was flying around the engine room when the temp gauge started going up.  And then he had fun cleaning up all of the oil.    This time things went much better and except that his knees and back hurt for the next two days from crawling around the engine room, it was a successful endeavor. 
Hudson River looking a lot like the Columbia with smaller mountains

July 4, 2017
     This time we caught the rising tide perfectly and went zooming up the river at 8.5 NMI.  

One of the sights on the Hudson, West Point  Most of the famous places were lost in the trees.

       Made 48 miles and found a beautiful marina already starting its celebrations in Kingston on Rondout Creek.  Lots of people seem to use their boats as condos, and spend weekends and holidays with the family at the marina.  This was no exception.  We got in early enough for me to get out my kayak and spend a couple of hours exploring farther up the Creek.  Then an hour by the lovely pool, dinner on the boat and a nap before the fireworks.  They set off the fireworks about 500 yards from our boat off of a bridge over the creek and they were wonderful.  Lots of boats were out in the river, anchored and watching too.  Great local celebration that we were lucky enough to share.

Kayaking on Rondout  Creek

Waiting for fireworks

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