Sunday, July 2, 2017

Monopoly world

June 25, 2017

  The next day the winds were down and we headed up the New Jersey Intercoastal waterway.  Carefully following the channel markers and following the rising tide we arrived in Atlantic City without any more problems than the usual Sunday boating crazies in populated waters.  John wasn’t too interested in Atlantic City but I talked him into a walk on the Boardwalk.  It was hard to find old Atlantic city of Monopoly fame and our Uber driver assured us the town was lots better when it was run by the mafia than the new legal gambling corporations.  It was really a super sized Seaside, but a nice beach and a great old inn and men’s club for dinner.  Actually the town looked pretty good  and the Boardwalk prosperous.
Pennsylvania Avemue
It really was a beautiful beach with wonderful colored umbrellas

Knife and Fork restaurant

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