Friday, July 7, 2017

Finish the Hudson

July 5-6, 2017
     Thirty more miles of the Hudson and we were in New Baltimore at another locals’ favorite marina.   John went on a bike ride but I took one look at the cliff behind the marina and headed to the pool where all the locals seemed to congregate.  They had great grills for people to use so I fixed our favorite looping dinner.  Ribeye, mushrooms, grilled onions, salad and rolls.  the next morning John got the resident mechanic to change the transmission fluid and I consulted with the guy in the boat next to ours about what we needed for fenders to protect the boat in the locks through the Erie Canal.  He had done the canal a number of times in a boat bigger than ours. I got two more big fenders and we finished off the Hudson River, passing Albany, which really hasn’t done anything with its waterfront, and through Troy Lock to Waterford on the Mohawk River.  At Troy you can go north on the Champlain Canal to Lake Champlain or turn west towards Lake Ontario.
Troy Lock #1

         We met with my sister Laurie and her friend John  who were passing through from Burlington VT and had a great dinner in the small town.  Laurie has those pictures.

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