Sunday, June 18, 2017


Jun 15-16, 2017
     Dad had gotten frustrated enough with our dinghy, which was the original with the boat, really over powered for what we need and too heavy to deal with easily, so he started looking online for a replacement.  He found what he thought he wanted in Annapolis, which we hadn’t planned to stop at, but we headed back across the bay, only about 4 hours away.  We found a really good deal operator error, he is much happier with this one and I always like a simpler model with less to get messed up.  We also needed a marina where we could tie up and get a good signal to watch the US Open.   Had a great late lunch in a locals favorite Boatyard Bar and Grill.  Basic but great seafood boil. The next day while he handled exchanging our dingy I bicycled to reprovision and get a pedicure.  There are some pretty mundane things that have to be dealt with.  Then we went to an old restaurant and bar, Harry Browne’s , in historic downtown Annapolis right under the capitol  and got a look a the old part of the city.

      We had seen marinas full of thousands of boats since Herrington Harbor, but Annapolis harbor had thousands of sailboats, all out on the bay.
     Back out of Annapolis and under the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.  a huge long structure, we headed to
This is only half of it, but it takes a movie to get they whole thing.

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