Thursday, June 1, 2017

Back to the Chesapeake

Monday, May 29,2017
       Memorial Day was pretty quiet, a short run to the Maryland side of the river and the evening at Smith Creek.  We tried a bike ride but were pretty tired, so after 4 miles we found a restaurant on the water where mom cooked and daughter served whatever dad caught.  Service was slow but we weren’t in a hurry and the food was good.  Pretty classic old place.  Courtney’s, if you’re ever in Ridge, MD.

Tuesday, May 30 2017
      We were taking our time since we didn’t have to be at Zimmerman’s Boat yard till Wednesday.  Stopped at Solomon’s Island.  A little gem with a great restaurant and two wonderful museums.  The Calvert Marine museum highlights the archeological finds in the Calvert Cliffs along the Chesapeake from the Miocene era, but continues the story through the Indians, early settlers and especially the fishing heritage of the area.  They have a restored lighthouse that had a 750 sq ft apartment for the family to live in.  It had actually been  placed in the bay, not on land. 
   Then the next day I discovered the Annemarie Sculpture Garden.  They had outstanding pieces on loan from the Hirschhorn Museum but the most fun part was a collection of fairy houses that children had made that were hidden all around  in the forest .

This is recreation of the largest shark ever to roam earth's waters.  They have found some of its teeth in the cliffs below along the bay which we under water 20 million years ago.

I found this fairy village under a tree.

We finished the day with a sort run up to Herring Bay.  I am headed to London for a long weekend, the boat is getting some repairs, a never ending task and John is going to tour the Shenandoah Valley.

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