Saturday, June 24, 2017

The End of the Chesapeake

June 19, 2017

      By Monday we had been in the Chesapeake for a month and were getting pretty tired of it so we headed for our final desination, Havre de Grace on the Susquehanna.  Chesapeake Bay is actually just the Susquehanna River after some climate warming in the Miocene Era.  We had finally reached the source.  Havre de Grace flats are a huge area of the Chesapeake that is very shallow and an important part of the Atlantic bird flyway.  We had to be very careful to stay in the channel coming into the harbor.  But it is really famous for bird hunting, going back a couple hundred years, and the decoys that the locals carved. 
He's not a decoy
They're pretty proud of their town.

 The historical accounts say that Havre de Grace, named by Lafayette, was in the running for the location of the captitol when they moved it from Philadelphia
Head of Chesapeake Bay, the Susquehanna River

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