Sunday, June 18, 2017

Looping, a great way to find new golf courses

June 12-14, 2017
   I told John to find a golf course so I would have something to do besides shop in the little towns and he did a great job.  We cruised up through Kent Narrows into the Chester River.  We anchored out the first night and I went kayaking up one of the little arms of the river.  Kayaking is a lot more fun if we anchor out and I’m dodging boats in and out of marinas.  I also did a little swimming.  The water isn’t very clear, but it’s clean and the bottom is sandy not muddy for wading up onto shores.  Dad tried working with the dinghy and got really frustrated but I’ll finish that story later.  The next day we moved half a mile to the dock of the Queenstown Harbor golf club.  They brought our cart down to us and we played golf on two great golf courses.

   I tried again to grill a rib eye on my charcoal hibachi.  I’m having trouble getting it hot enough to grille the outside before it cooks the inside too much, but it tasted pretty good.

      We also watched a crabber working each morning.  He baited a long line that he laid out and then came back and picked up the crabs in a basket.  Not sure if he was getting many but interesting to watch.

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