Thursday, June 1, 2017

Washington DC

        Saturday May 27, 2017
We woke up early at our marina right in the center of Washington, on the Washington Channel.  Mostly liveaboards in the marina.  Really cheap rent and a great location.  We headed out for a bike ride around the Mall, just 5 minutes away.  Then I came back to get ready for our cousin party and John kept going up to Georgetown.

        Great evening with all of the nieces, nephews and kids.  And finally decided Domino’s was the perfect choice for dinner.

John was standing on the top of the boat for this family portrait.

Sunday, May 28
     We said good bye to Washington and headed back down the river, but with the current and the tide with us we went a lot faster and ended up at Colonial Beach, one of the few towns on the Virginia side actually on the river.  We ended up at a really friendly marina that was have wrecked from a freak storm 6 weeks earlier, but they found a spot for us and invited us to a great Memorial Day potluck.
Last view

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