Monday, September 25, 2017

More golf

Sept 12,13,14  2017
        We left Sheboygan but John was so jazzed by the way his knees were behaving we made a tee time to play Erin Hills, where the 2017 US Open was played this year, even though we would have to walk the whole round.  After a long day of bouncing around on Lake Michigan we arrived at a huge marina in Milwaukee.  Our first  dinner was at Milwaukee Brats.  I decided it must be the best brats place out of 6 or 7 on the street because it had a free bus to Packer and Brewer games.  A sampler plate of brats did help be sort out all the different kinds.  The next day John headed out on a long bike ride and I went to a beautiful little museum that recorded that recorded the history of Jews in Milwaukee.  There was no mention of the Brandeis family but it n was an interesting museum.  Then on to the Public Market, sort or an Old Town area, but the market had an amazing variety of food stalls.  I rode my bike up along the Riverwalk for a ways and headed back to the boat.  That night I went to a play by myself.  It was a Pulitzer Prize winning play, Next to Normal, but I didn’t feel like subjecting John to a play about a manic depressive woman and her affect on her family.   I was very good, and well done.  The nest day we rented a car and headed out to the golf course.  About 35 miles out of the city we got a good tour of the area around Milwaukee.  The course was great, the guys we played with fun and John’s knees held up.  After a wonderful dinner at the restaurant at the course we got back to  the marina.  I found a great Whole Foods Store close by to replenish our larder and we headed south again.
I can't believe the only picture I took of Milwaukee was another golfing picture.
Excepr for the pictures of the damage to our rental car we got somewhere, but I don't need to post those.

Sept 15, 16 2017
        We only went as far as Racine, a small, struggling town 20 miles south of Milwaukee, but spent two nights there since it was a beautiful resort with swimming pool and the lake was pretty rough.  So far it has become apparent that along Lake Michigan, each area identifies itself with one wave of immigrants or another.  Racine considers its forbears to be Danish, though its obvious that lots of different eastern Europeans came to all of the mid west, first by way of the St Lawrence, then the Erie Canal and finally the railroads.  But Danish is Racine so I had to find the oldest Danish bakery in the city and great a Kringle.  It really was a bakery full of delicious looking pastries that I couldn’t pronounce and looked wonderful.  A tour down mainstreet, with some interesting little stores and back to the dock.   The next day the lake was still rough so we stuck around the dock, did a little swimming, laundry and joined the party on our dock.  This was a weekend so lots of boat owners were down at the dock to party and enjoy that last few warm days of summer before they have to pull their boats out of the water for the winter.

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