Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Lake Michigan

Friday, August 18.2017  continued
    I finished the day checking out a few gift shops and visiting a nice local maritime museum with a very friendly lady who filled me in on some of the information about the fishing and logging industry on the island.
     That night  we rode our bikes out to a nice restaurant in the old rectory of the Catholic Church across from the Cemetery.  They had cut the church in half and moved it sometime in the last fifty years but the rectory had been repurposed.

Saturday August 19, 2017
     The winds were dying down and it looked like we might only have on day to get across Lake Michigan before they started again.  So we set out 75 miles across the lake to Washington island, on the Door Peninsula with the somewhat calmer waters of Green Bay.  After a very long day we landed in a calm marina and I took off for a 5 miles bike ride to get the kinks out.  The marina had charcoal grilles so I made our favorite dinner, grilled rib eye, sauted mushroom and onions and green salad and some good Michigan corn. 

Sunday, August 20 , 2017
    After a bike ride and breakfast at the Red Cup Café we opted for the Cherry Train Tour of the Island.  The island was big enough and sparsely populated enough to be a pretty long bike ride.
Saw a nice art gallery and nature center in an old school.  Went to a beach with polished dolomite rock.  And saw farm museum and a lavender farm, and the highlight of the trip was a beautiful small chapel size log church built on the style of the old Scandanavian churches.  This Island traces it heritage to Icelanders who came here in the 19th century.

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