Friday, November 17, 2017

Turning west to Biloxi

Nov 8, 2017
       I had decided that since we couldn’t come down the Mississippi on the boat, the historical end of the trip to the gulf, we had enough time to take to boat back to New Orleans.  And Dan and Suzanne were going to be in the area so they could come on the boat.  Wednesday we headed west to New Orleans out across the Mississippi.  John doesn’t like green tunnels.  I get bored pretty quickly of the blue sea 3 miles off shore, but dolphins reappeared for the first time since Norfolk and were a delight to see. 
       We got to Biloxi, a nice marina and a great oyster dinner.  Biloxi was completely wiped out in Katrina but has been rebuilt and looks pretty good.  Casinos are part of the revitalization but they don’t seem too obtrusive.
sunset from the beach

Nov 9, 2017

        We woke up to a bad weather report of wind and choppy seas so we decided to hang around Biloxi for another day and then get a car and drive to New Orleans.  Again, a two day trip on the boat was 2 hours in a car!  I headed to a nail spa immediately for a desperately needed pedicure, found a really wonderful Vietnamese Bakery.   There are a lot of Vietnamese in the area and they learned there baking skills well from the French.  And visited the Ohr-OKeefe Museum which had some wonderful pottery of George Ohr.  He was pretty crazy, but before his time, late 19th century, of creating pottery as art and not just utilitarian.  They also had an exhibit of 20 restored early 20th century motorcycles that was fabulous.  Biloxi also has a beautiful beach with white sand, but it was a little too cold for swimming.

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  1. Amazing sunset shot. “Green tunnel” you mean driving in the PNW?