Sunday, March 12, 2017

The winds died down a lot and we headed south on Tuesday March7.  It was really bouncy as we worked our way along the Everglades Park boundary.  But bouncing around and trying to avoid crabpots was bad enough until our left engine died.   It would come back intermittently but we ended up limping into Flamingo Florida.  It is really just a park ranger station at the very south end of the Everglades with very shallow water to get into a marina.  We got hung up in the mud once but managed to get off.(  I'll explain later how we figure out how to miss the shoals and shallow water in another post)  John spent the next morning trying to use Skype to phone mechanics to get the engines fixed.  Verizon doesn't work in the Everglades, but the ranger station had a good wifi signal.  when that failed we decided to take our chances on making it to the Keys and left on high tide.  Another long day of 40 miles of wind, chop, mud flats and crab pots and one and a half engines and we were really happy to get to Duck Key.

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