Sunday, March 12, 2017

Hawks Cay Resort  on Duck Key is a really high end resort and marina but a good place to get a mechanic and get the engine fixed.  We had planned to go up the inside of the Keys, but after coming all the way down from Flamingo we took the first marina we could get to before dark. Which meant we had to cross over into the Atlantic.  We had our first reactions to our boat name, Colorado Cowboy, as we came in a long canal between the breakwater and houses built right on the edge of the key. It was cocktail hour and we could hear people reading the boat name and laughing as we went by.  We also met some people in the marina who saw the name and wanted to know if the boat had ever been in Rifle, Colorado. 
 Engine repair turned out to be just a small clog in the fuel line but while John worked with the mechanic  I did laundry and hung out by the adults only tranquilty pool
Feeling .much better about the boat we headed out on our way north,  two days later.  The bridge we came under in to the Atlantic was a really white knuckle afair only 49 ft wide and 23 feet verticle clearance.  When we winch down the radar mast we need 15.5 ft.  We opted to stay in the Atlantic for a little further and find a much higher bridge going back to the inside.  But staying in the ocean wasn't  really an option for sea sick prone Sally.

                                              first bridge

   Much better bridge  65ft.

A very long but enjoyable day up the inside of the Florida Keys (70 miles and 10 hours ) found us in Homestead Florida  on Friday night and feeling much better about the possibility of getting Sally to the Miami Airport for her flight Sunday  to Louis wedding in Hong Kong

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