Sunday, December 3, 2017

Back to sun and golf

Nov 27, 2017
            We didn’t want to stay on the restaurant dock another day, so after a morning search for coffee which produced one old café serving Greek coffee to some very old guys we headed over to Clearwater and the municipal marina there.  Finished recuperating from the crossing and reconnected with some of boats we had met waiting for the Gulf crossing. 

Nov. 28 - Dec 3. 
      The first order of business was finding someone who could fix our generator which had ceased to function back up on the rivers.  We don’t use it too much since we are usually in marinas with power but it did need fixing and all the mechanics in Florida are really busy.  John spent the morning on the phone while I ran errands and checked out the area on my bicycle.  He got lucky and found someone who said he was finishing up a job early and could come by that afternoon.
      He and John tried to figure out the problem while I tried to stay out of the way.  The mechanic ordered a part and said he’d be back the next day. We had some great  Puerto Rican food I had found for dinner.  I had not been able to find a marina reservation in St Petersberg since there was a big boat show there so we decided to stay in Clearwater and rent a car to see Tampa and St Pete.  They are all really close together and we could get to free days at the marina after we paid for 5.

Clearwater has decorated dolphis around the downtown as its mascot
  The next morning I did one of my favorite Looping activites, walk to a coffee shop for a latte.  This one  also had great strawberry crepes.  
        Then I spent the rest of the morning planning the rest of our trip.   We feel like we have morally “crossed our wake” since we crossed the Gulf and are only 100 miles from Ft Myers, but having spent a month there in February and planning a week there before the kids come, I didn’t want to get there before the 16th.
       The mechanic came back with the part, put it in and thought we were fixed, but after running for 30 minutes the generator quit again.   Another hour came up with a different solution which required ordering more parts, but John should be able to put these in so they are headed to our next marina.  I went to pick up the rental car and went to the movie “Lady Bird”  I think the 40 something male reviewer in the NYTimes was much more impressed than me, but it’s fun to go to the movies here because there are lots of movies that will never get to Rifle.
         Thursday we played golf at Crescent Oaks golf club  and had a great tapas meal afterwards in the little beach town of Dunedin.   There are some really cute little towns along the coast but they are surrounded by suburbia, shopping centers, strip malls, housing developments and 6 lane streets. Neither of us like it much.
        Friday we headed to St Petersberg to the boat show and enjoyed looking around.  There was another Great Harbor 37 there for sale.  The price was good compared to what we want for ours and John talked to a few people who were interested in the boat and gave them our card.  An hour of traffic back to Clearwater and I opted for stopping for my favorite simple meal.  Rotisserie chicken, baggette and a salad on the boat.
       Saturday was golf again at TPC Tampa after visiting a small farmers’ market on the pier above the boat.   A great track, beautiful weather, but play was a little slow for a twosome stuck in the middle of foursomes.  But a nice place to spend the afternoon.  Maybe a slow boat is making me more tolerant of slow golf.  Decent restaurant at the course and home to listen to the golf commentators talk about Tiger’s comeback.
       Sunday I took John to a golf course early and came back to the boat to enjoy my morning coffee in the pilot house overlooking the marina, with fresh Florida strawberries from the Farmer’s market for breakfast and catch up on the ColoradoCowboyAfloat.   Off to church and return the rental.  
     Beautiful old church and an amazing Chancel choir with 20 member, half of them men.
Very nice organ too.

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