Wednesday, December 20, 2017

A Grand Old Florida Golf Resort

Dec 10-11
       Our last stop on the Loop was at Boca Grande on Gasparilla Island.  It is one of the old railroad vacation spots on the islands between Charlotte Harbor and the Gulf of Mexico. It was a short trip from Venice so we got in early and I headed out to check out shops and have a light lunch in the old railway station.  Boca Grande has a wonderful bike path along the old railroad tracks for 7 miles from one end of the island to the other so I got some exercise by doing about 10 miles.
       I had decided to celebrate the end of the Loop by spending the night at the Old Gasparilla Inn so we could play the golf course.  Our first night to leave the boat in a marina and stay in a hotel. It was only about ½ mile from the marina, but they sent a golf cart to get our golf clubs and bags.  I walked over and John rode his bike in time to enjoy the room and clean up for dinner.  Classic old hotel that has been well maintained but is still all original and has a dress code in the dining room for dinner.   After a nice dinner and breakfast (the dress code is relaxed for breakfast) the next morning,  we headed out to play a wonderful course, also well maintained but updated recently, with 4 or 5 holes right along the water.
You can always tell who is taking the selfie

      I cooked our last dinner on the boat and the next morning got up early and walked into town to a wonderful little French bakery for a croissant and a latte and a walk on the beach. (the island is only a ½ mile wide.

Final looping latte

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