Tuesday, February 21, 2017

    Well we're still waiting the the boat and playing a lot of golf,  but that;s not really such a bad thing.  Though John is frustrated with the boat yard and I'm just anxious to get going and tired of camping out at Days Inn. So I thought I'd introduce some minor themes we'll be exploring around "The Loop".
     First of course is golf.  We've played so great and not so great courses in SW Florida.  John remembers courses better than I do so I'll have him do a guest post at some point on the topic,  But basically they all have a lot of water and jungle which eats balls.  Especially when they tell you not to go looking for them because of the snakes in the jungle and the alligators in the water.
      We will be investigating lots of restaurants and local foods  too. Of course seafood is top on the menu in Florida, though there are more cattle in Florida than any other state.  I love seafood, but never been a fan of mussels until we had some of the most tender ones at Duffy's Sports Bar at Stonybrook Golf Course.  They completely changed my ideas.   I think I have finally gotten straight the difference between squid and octopus.  I sort of thought they were interchangeable, but the grilled octopus was great and not as greasy as most fried calamari, squid, at The Lighthouse Waterfront restaurant and Bar.  But the dish that sent me to the internet to try to find a recipe was the Blue Cheese Coleslaw at the Blue Point Oyster Bar.  I think I found something close to it that I'll try to post here.

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  1. LOL. I bet the native kids in the area make bank on the golf balls they find.