Friday, April 27, 2018

Cruising Log

Date Category Desc StartLocation End location Miles MARINA ANCHORAGE Notes
03/02/17 Cruising ON THE LOOP Ft Myers Beach, FL Goodland, FL 64 Calusa Island Boat at Olsen Marine for re-fit  12/2-3/25, month late
03/03/17 Shore activity weather delay  Goodland   0 Calusa Island  waiting for winds to suubside  to  cross Florida Bay
03/04/17 Shore activity weather delay  Goodland   0 Calusa Island  waiting for winds to suubside  to  cross Florida Bay
03/05/17 Shore activity weather delay  Goodland   0 Calusa Island  waiting for winds to suubside  to  cross Florida Bay
03/06/17 Shore activity weather delay  Goodland   0 Calusa Island  waiting for winds to suubside  to  cross Florida Bay
03/07/17 Cruising On to the Keys Goodland Flamingo 144 Flamingo One of  the engines stopped  running  intermittently.  Limped into  Flamingo,  jump-off point to the Everglades,  very limited services; minor grounding in mud on channel into boat basin.
03/08/17 Cruising Across Florida Bay Flamingo Duck Key 48 Hawks Key same  problem  w/ engine, got into  Hawks  Key, contacted a mobile service for  repair  work
eng  hrs estimated
03/09/17 Shore activity repairs Duck key   0 Hawks Key fuel line  plug found, all ok
03/10/17 Cruising headed north Duck key Homestead 72 Homestead Long day up  the  inside AICW, very shallow
03/11/17 Cruising North to  Ft Lauderdale Homestead  Ft Lauderdale  48 Cooley's Landing Marina Wild day,  Saturday through  Key Biscayne, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and a real  zoo going up the New  River; lots  of  boat traffic.
03/12/17 Shore activity repairs Ft Lauderdale   0 Cooley's Landing Saly left for Hong Kong
03/13/17 Shore activity repairs Ft Lauderdale   0 Cooley's Landing working on electronics upgrade  and engine work
03/14/17 Shore activity repairs Ft Lauderdale   0 Cooley's Landing working on electronics upgrade  and engine work
03/15/17 Shore activity repairs Ft Lauderdale   0 Cooley's Landing  
03/15/17 Shore activity repairs Ft Lauderdale   0 Cooley's Landing working on electronics upgrade  and engine work
appts made for  Langer-Krell  and Yacht Management
03/16/17 Shore activity repairs Ft Lauderdale   0 Cooley's Landing ? from Yacht Management came to boat to evaluate scope of  work
Parrish from Langer Krell: took photos, to  send electronice proposal
03/17/17 Shore activity repairs Ft Lauderdale   0 Cooley's Landing Call from Yacht Management; all booked up  for two weeks
TT ServiceOne, will  take a look
03/18/17 Shore activity repairs Ft Lauderdale   0 Cooley's Landing played golf, no appts
03/19/17 Shore activity repairs Ft Lauderdale   0 Cooley's Landing played golf, Sally returned
03/20/17 Shore activity repairs Ft Lauderdale   0 Cooley's Landing no activity
03/21/17 Shore activity repairs Ft Lauderdale   0 Cooley's Landing no activity
03/22/17 Shore activity repairs Ft Lauderdale   0 Cooley's Landing no activity
03/23/17 Shore activity repairs Ft Lauderdale   0 Cooley's Landing no activity
03/24/17 Shore activity repairs Ft Lauderdale   0 Cooley's Landing Accepted proposal from Langer-Krell
ServiceOne some  work, will  work  saturday
03/25/17 Shore activity repairs Ft Lauderdale   0 Cooley's Landing Zack and Mark from ServiceOne worked all day, repaced salon a/c, a/c cooling water supply line, started engie work
03/26/17 Shore activity repairs Ft Lauderdale   0 Cooley's Landing golf
03/27/17 Shore activity repairs Ft Lauderdale   0 Cooley's Landing golf
03/28/17 Shore activity repairs Ft Lauderdale   0 Cooley's Landing Zack checked exhaust elbows, shot, need replaced, evidence of  leaks in heat exhangers, removed to be tested
03/29/17 Shore activity repairs Ft Lauderdale   0 Cooley's Landing  
03/30/17 Shore activity repairs Ft Lauderdale   0 Cooley's Landing took screens to  JP Downs, not US Metals to get SS screens replaced
03/30/17 Shore activity repairs Ft Lauderdale   0 Cooley's Landing George from Langer-Krell started electronices install, old parts removed
US Metals:  can't get screen to adhere to frames, contacted New found Metals; ordered new screens and frames
TF Zack: Yanmar  delivered wrong exhaust elbow, week plus on backorder
03/31/17 Shore activity repairs Ft Lauderdale   0 Cooley's Landing Electronic install completed except for new transducer and AIS
AIS received  late in the day
04/01/17 Shore activity repairs Ft Lauderdale   0 Cooley's Landing  
04/02/17 Shore activity repairs Ft Lauderdale   0 Cooley's Landing  
04/03/17 Shore activity repairs Ft Lauderdale   0 First Performance had boat towed  to First Performance for transducer install
04/04/17 Shore activity repairs Ft Lauderdale   0 First Performance Marina waiting for haulout, minimal  work done on shower sump pumbing
04/05/17 Shore activity repairs Ft Lauderdale   0 First Performance Marina boat hauled no work done
04/06/17 Shore activity repairs Ft Lauderdale   0 First Performance Marina boat hauled no work done
04/07/17 Shore activity repairs Ft Lauderdale   0 Cooley's Landing bottom paint spot repaired, transducer installed, diver  plate anode and  bonding system installed.
part needed for plumbing  repair didn't  come  in
04/08/17 Shore activity repairs Ft Lauderdale   0 Cooley's Landing
04/09/17 Shore activity repairs Ft Lauderdale   0 Cooley's Landing
04/10/17 Shore activity repairs Ft Lauderdale   0 First Performance  Marina waitn fo exhaust elbows from  Japan
04/11/17 Shore activity repairs Ft Lauderdale   0 First Performance Marina Nothing from Zack didn't tell me who his supplier was when I asked.  Checked internet, found  one exhaust elbow on eBay, couple of others around the country, delivery 4-5 days
Mike at First Performance contact Sunpower, told  him there were three in inventory at Yanmar Atlanta distributio center; Zack later related his supplier said 5 shipped from Japan, 2 for us, 3 to inventory. Supplier said due into Regional center at St Petersberg on Th, ship to Ft Lauderdale, Fri. Supplier told him they would stay open till shipment arrived.
04/12/17 Shore activity repairs Ft Lauderdale   0 First Performance Marina TT Zack:  thought he could  make  it Thursday, working  on a  boat onthe hard, not a rush job
04/13/17 Shore activity repairs Ft Lauderdale   0 First Performance Marina Zack no show,  called him, said couldn't  make it, no explanation
04/14/17 Shore activity repairs Ft Lauderdale Ft Lauderdale 0 First Performance Marina Talked to  Zack:  said parts  house didn't stay open long enough to receive exhaust elbows, will  pick up Monday and work on boat, has sea trial in afternoon.  Asked him to bring injectors and heat exchangers back to boat.
04/15/17 Shore activity repairs Ft Lauderdale   0 First Performance Marina Easter weekend,no activity
Golf w/ Sally at Inverrary CC
04/16/17 Shore activity repairs Ft Lauderdale   0 First Performance Marina Easter weekend,no activity
Golf w/ Sally at Pembrook Lakes, great course, fantastic Easter  Brunch buffet
04/17/17 Shore activity repairs Ft Lauderdale   0 First Performance Marina Zack arrived 10am, exhaust elbows still  enroute,  Tues or Wed. Replaced injectors H/Es
Still work due on strainers, risers.
04/18/17 Shore activity repairs Ft Lauderdale   0 First Performance Marina No activity; worked  on cleaning rub rail, strbrd aft spring  line cleat
04/19/17 Shore activity repairs Ft Lauderdale   0 First Performance Marina Golf jws only at Woodmont GC, gone  to seed,  nothing special  but  playable
Zack:  Called in afternoon, said involved in mess, will be there first light TH am
04/20/17 Shore activity repairs Ft Lauderdale   0 First Performance Marina Zack  finally showed up around noon,  finished job,  engines started, all good.
04/21/17 Cruising Headed  north finally Ft lauderdale Del Ray Beach 32 Delray Harbor Club Marina Stateroom head, quit working before we left, decided to deal  with it at First Performance, pulled pump and tank, all gunked up w/ pisscrete, decided to replace whole unit, also  decided to do small head also.  All done by 1, left at 2
Dinner at Graingers in Delray Beach
04/22/17 Cruising North Del  Ray Beach Stuart 64 Pirates Cove, Manatee Pocket Stuart  
04/23/17 Cruising Stuart to Sebastian River Stuart  St. Sebastian 56 Sebastian  Inlet Marina  
04/24/17 Cruising St Sebastian to Cocoa Beach St Sebastian Inlet Cocoa Beach 48 Cocoa Village Marina Put out anchor for first time, had trouble getting bridle to work in a 15mph wind.
Diinner w/ tootsie and  Charles Davidson at Chez Markquesa in Coco Village, ok, not spectacular.
04/25/17 Shore activity Cocoa Village Marina for the day Cocoa, FL   0 Cocoa Village Marina bike ride, Rockledge Dri south in am, enterprise rental car, to  Orlando in pm for Dinner at Chez Vincent in Winter Park w/ Craig Macnab and wife Diedre; very nice dinner, good converstion,  nothing much substantitve.
04/27/17 Cruising New Smyrna to St Augustine New Smyrna Beach City Marina Camachee Cove marina 64 Comanche Cove  
04/28/17 Cruising St Augustine to Amelia Island St Augusting Amelia Island 56 Amelia Island marina took a long bike ride in evening
04/29/17 Cruising Amelia Island to anchorage off of Altahama River Amelia Island mm 660 64   Anchored out west of marker 209
04/30/17 Cruising Little St Simons anchorage to Herb River anchorage near Savannah     72 Herb River SE os Savannah  
05/01/17 Cruising Herb River to Harbour Town Herb River Anchorage Harbour Town Marina 24 Harbour Town short day past Savanna to Hilton Head
1 hr bike ride  to south end of island; dinner at Plantation  Club, so-so
05/02/17 Shore activity layover day at Hilton Head Harbour Town Marina   0 Harbour Town golf at Harbour Town  links course, beatiful  day, great golf course
05/03/17 Cruising Harbour Town to Edisto Island Harbour Town,  Sea  Pines Marina Edisto Beach Marina 64 Edisto Beach Another day in the Georgia salt marsh
1.5  hr bike ride at Edisto Beach, mostly a weekender place, not much retail, lots of beach
05/04/17 Cruising Edisto Island  to Charleston     48 Charleston City Marina More salt marshes
Dinner at The Swamp  Fox downton
05/05/17 Shore activity Day in Charleston     0 Charleston City Marina AM van tour: Lowcountry Legends"  Sally went on a gastronomy tour in pm
05/06/17 Cruising Charleston to Minimum Creek Anchorage Charleston Minimum Creek, north of North Santee River 40    
05/07/17 Cruising Minim Creek to Georgetown Minim Creek anchorage Georgetown,  SC 40 Harbour Walk Marina  
05/08/17 Shore activity Docked at Georgetown, SC; golf Harbour Walk Marina,  Georgetown   0 Harbour Walk Marina Got n enterprise rental car, golf at True blue Golf Club, very good course, lunch at course 
05/09/17 Shore activity docked at Georgetown, SC     0 Harbour Walk golf at Caledonia Golf and Fish Camp, grocery shopping, dinner on boat
05/10/17 Cruising Georgetown SC to North Myrtley Beach Georgetown, SC North Myrtle Beach,  SC 48 Barefoot Marina Up the Waccamaw River,  prettiest crusing day of the trip
05/11/17 Cruising   North Myrtle Beach Southport NC 48 Southport Marina Docktails on Nearly Perfect w/  local harbour hosts
05/12/17 Cruising Southport to Mile Hammock Bay Camp LeJuene Southport Mile Hammock Bay 64 Mile Hammock Bay rough first half hour on Cape Fear River
Docktails w/ Nearly Perfect and Journey
05/13/17 Cruising short crusing day Mile Hummock  Bay Swansboro 16 Caspers Marina 2 hrs  to Swansboro docked around 1pm; took 3.5 hr 25mile bike ride on Swansboro Centennial bike trail, poorly marked; east to Pt Carter, N through burbs to Hwy 58, N on 58 (busy, minimal shoulder) to Old Church Rd, back to Hwy 58 to Stella Rd, across the river, Stella Rd to section of bike trail, paralleled busy road back towards town, then through city back to marina.
Caspers, simple, quiet, too close to  ICW, great showers.
05/14/17 Cruising another short day to Beaufort, NC Swansboro Beaufort, NC 32 Beaufort Docks Marina  
05/15/17 Shore activity Sally did shopping, laundry, museum; docktails in evening w/ a couple of loopers Beaufort, NC   0   JWS, worked on computer all day, oil change  both engines
05/16/17 Cruising Went to post office, CVS and got a haircut.  Left Beaufort at 11, arr Oriental 2pm, nice short day Beaufort Oriental 56 Oriental Marina and Inn late lunch at M&Ms good food large portions; talked to Loopers from Maine for awhile.
05/17/17 Cruising Beaufort to Oriental Beaufort Oriental 48 Oriental  Marina and Inn Lunch at M&Ms
05/18/17 Cruising Oriental to Alligator River Oiental Aligator River 56    
05/19/17 Cruising Aligator River to Coinjock Alligator River Coinjock 48 Midland Marina Bumpy ride across Albermarle Sound, lots of boats at Coinjock, North Landing bridge  down for repairs.
26 mile bike ride up Hwy 158 to Sligo and back, tough ride on busy highway.
05/20/17 Cruising Coinjock to Portsmouth Coinjock Posrtsomouth 56 Tidewater Portsmouth busy day, lots of   boats due to North Landing bridge delay.
Norfold//Portsmouth large industrial  port area,  lots of  military sw several aircraft carriers in dock.
Dinner w/ Terry and Dorothy (Magic) at german restaurant on High Street, marginal.
05/21/17 Shore activity In Tidewater Marina Portsmouth   0 Tidewater Sally went  to church and  store,  I worked most of day
05/22/17 Cruising Portsmouth to Yorktown Tidewater Marina, Portsmouth York River Yacht Haven Glocester Point 40 York River Yacht Haven Intereisting winding  our way through Norfolk/Hampdon Roads harbour, s saw a desteroyer and aircraft carrier departing.  Chesapeake Bay is "big" water, somewhat intimidating after many days on the ICW
05/23/17 Shore activity Yorktown-Williamsburg-Jamestown Yorktown   0 York River Yacht Haven Sally got a rental car from Enterprise, breakfast at Duke of York hotel in Yorktown, visited the Yorktown battlesite visitorr center and drove around the battlefield,  Rained lightly all day.  Took the Colonail Parkway to Williamsburg then to Jamestown and some time at the vistior center.
05/24/17 Cruising York River to Yeocomico York  River White Point 80 White Point long day on the Chesapeak and Potomoc
05/25/17 Cruising Yeocomico River to Aquia Creek Yeocomico River Aquia Creek 64    
05/26/17 Cruising Aquia Creek to DC Aquia Creek Washington DC 64 Gangplanck another day on the Potomac, had go around shooting range south of Quantico
Dinner at Ambars Balkan Restaurant on 8th St, very good small plate presentation, walked 2 miles back to boat through SE and SE DC
05/27/17 Shore activity bike ride in am; Sally's nieces/nephews picknic in pm     0   Sally and John biked around Washington Monument Mall and Capital, Sally returned to boat, John went to Georgetown and a couple of miles of C&D canal trail 3.5 hrs.
05/28/17 Cruising DC to Colonial Beach Gangplank Marina, Wash. DC Colonial Beach 64 Boatyard at Colonial Beach lots of junk on the upper Potomac, otherwise a beautiful day, not counting oil  all over theengine room from leaving the oil fill  cap off!
05/29/17 Cruising short  day Colonial Beach Smith Creek, Ridge MD 40 Point Lookout Marina nearly ideal day, sunshine minimal wind
05/30/17 Cruising short day Potomac to Chesapeake Bay Lookout Point Solomons 32 Zahnisars Marina  
05/31/17 Cruising northward on  western shore of Potomac Solomons Herrington Bay 40 Herrington Harbour North beautiful calm  day,  hardly a ripple
06/01/17 Shore activity repairs Deale MD   0 Herrington Harbour North Met w/ Ian Zimmerman and Steven to go over boat work. Got  rental car at Enterprise and took Sally to airport for trip to London.
06/02/17 Shore activity repairs Deale MD   0 Herrington Harbour North Work w/ Zimmerman techs in am.  Left around 11, drove to Frediericksburg, golf at Lee's Hill then on to Lexington
06/03/17 Shore activity repairs     0 Herrington Harbour North Drove south from Lexington to Roanoke then back north on Blue Ridge Parkway to Waynesboro.   Gave a guy who  just completed Appalachian trail segment Vermont  to Waynesboro ride to town.
Golf at Swannanoa, old beat up track. Hotel at Charlottesville.
06/04/17 Shore activity repairs     0 Herrington Harbour North Continued tour through Shenandoah Nat. Park took Stoney Man Nature Trail.  100 miles on Skyline Drive to Front Royal. Golf at Shanandoah GC.  Back  to marina around 9pm.
06/05/17 Shore activity repairs     0 Herrington Harbour North Office work and  work w/ boat techs.
06/06/17 Shore activity repairs     0 Herrington Harbour North Picked Sally up at Dulles in afternoon
06/07/17 Shore activity repairs     0 Herrington Harbour North boat and  office work
06/08/17 Cruising Deale to Oxford Herrington  Harbour North Marina Oxford MD 48 Hinkely Yachts short crusie across Chesapeake Bay to eastern Shore
06/09/17 Cruising Oxfrord to St Michaels Oxford St Michaels 32 St Michaels Marina (City Dock?)  
06/10/17 Shore activity At St Michaels     0 St Michaels Bike ride to Pea Neck Road (1hr) in am.  Then Uber to Hogs Neck golf course, played 9 hole executive course then 18hole main course.
06/11/17 Shore activity St Michaels     0 St Michaels Sally went to church,  breakfast and maritime museum.  JWS:  office work in am, filled water tank, polished gof shoes,  watched St Jude golf tournament in pm.  Finally getting warm, low 90s today, bright sunshine.
06/12/17 Cruising St Michaels  to Queenstown Creek St Michaels Queenstown Creek 32   Anchored at Queenstown Creek
06/13/17 Cruising anchorage to GC dock Queenstown Creek Queenstown Har bour dock 0 Queenstown Harbour Golf Club moved from anchorage to golf course dock, great set up, golf course brought golf cart down for us to use
Played River Course, vey nice, hot
06/14/17 Shore activity golf at Queenstown     0   Played Lakes course, not quite as good as River, hooked up w/ Guy Cherry on back nine, older good golfer, talked a lot, I ended up playing another 9 w/ him.
Club did not charge us for dockage.
06/15/17 Cruising Queenstown to Annapolis     24 Annapolis MD Capiatl Yacht  Club short day across Chesapeake to Annapolis, marina end of Eastport
Went to Annapolis inflatables and bought used zodiac inflatable RIB and Tahatsu motor
06/16/17 Shore activity stayed on boat,   picked up new dinghy in afternoon Annapois   0    
06/17/17 Cruising Annapolis to Baltimore     32 Crescent Marina short day to Baltimore, toured inner harbour, all redeveloped
06/18/17 Shore activity Baltimore     0   1 hr bike  ride to Patterson Park and back to Inner Harbour, took trolley tour of town, impressive redevelopment; then rode Jones Falls trail to  Druid Hills Park and back 2 hrs, watched US Open.
06/19/17 Cruising Baltimore to harve de Grace Baltimore Harve de Grace 56 Tidewater windy day, rough for a couple hours
06/20/17 Cruising Havre de Grace to Delaware City     40 Delaware City Marina easy day out of the Chesapeake
06/21/17 Shore activity Delaware City     0   Dockmaster said Delaware Bay would be rough,  so we stayed for the day.  Bike ride back up the C&D Canal to Summit North Marina, luch and then return
06/22/17 Cruising   Delaware City Cape May 64 Utsch's easy day down Delaware Bay, a little choppy last hour or so
06/23/17 Shore activity lay over in Cape May     0   golf at Cape May National
06/24/17 Shore activity weather  delay     0   golf at Cape May National
06/25/17 Cruising up the NJ ICW to Atlantic City Cape May Atlantic City 56 Kammermans long day,  lots of fisherman out early on Sunday then lots of pleasure boaters later, depths generally good a couple of shallw spots,  no problems.  Left a couple hours after low tide  and got in 1 hr before low tide
Went to the boardwalk, nothing special; dinner at Knife & Fork Restauraunt,  good, expensive.
06/26/17 Cruising 2nd half of NJ ICW Atlantic City Manasquan River 64 Clarks Landing much quieter on Monday,  similar depth issues,  no problems. Point Pleasant Canal running at full ebb tide,  short but nervy ride. Clark's Landing lot of current, high  fixed  docks.
06/27/17 Cruising 30 miles in the North Atlantic, minimal swell,  no  issues. Manasquan Inlet Staten Island 40 Nicholson's Great Kills Park Marina Out the inlet on ebb tide, had to wait for the RR bridge, several large bottom fishing day boats rushing out the inlet. BoatUS was towing a boat out to be sunk for fish haven.
Took a three hour bike ride in afternoon along South Beach greenway trail, FDR Boardwalk, Fort Wadsworth, under the Verrazano Narrows Bridge and then back through Staten Island neighborhoods.
06/28/17 Shore activity stayed over to visit Margie and Brendan in Brooklyn     0   Got rental car to drive to Brooklyn,  had google  maps set for bicycle navigation  from bike trip  yesterday,  took  us to Staten Island Ferry, unfortunately its not a car ferry anymore.  An hour late getting to "Get up and  Ride" for Brooklyn Waterfront tour, but the got us going and we joined the group one hour into tour.  Guide James (from Florida, also a musician).  Nice 4 hr bike  tour of Brooklyn waterfront, Navy Yard (being redeveloped).  Then drove over to Margies near  Prospect Park.  Had  take out Italian dinner.  They have a 3 year  old and a new baby.
06/29/17 Cruising Into the inner harbor Great Kills  Park Jersey City 24 Liberty Landing Some wind and chop, lots of tanker  barges anchored  in inner Bay, but not much movement.  Stopped  at  Statute of  Liberty for  photo-op, biggest  traffic congestion w/ tour and  excurion boats,  but no issues,  then to Liberty Landing, Jersey City across from lower Manhattan. Took a 3 hour bike ride around Staten Island,  along south beach, FDR boardwalk, under the Verrazano bridge, then back through neighborhoods.
06/30/17 Shore activity Brooklyn Liberty Landing   0 Liberty Landing got a rental car, tried  to drive to Brooklyn; had google set on bicyle route, took us to Staten Island Ferry, drove around four times until we figured out it wasn't a car ferry!!  Finally made it to Brooklyn (Williamsburg) for water front bike tour by GetUpandRide.  Well done, tour of the re-developing Navy Yard, south Williamsburg is a hassidic jewish community, then into Dumbo, the new "it" location for gentrification.
Dinner w/ Margie, Brandon, three year old and infant.  Live in third floor walkup unit near Prospect Park.
07/01/17 Shore activity Manhattan NYC   0 Liberty Landing took the local ferry to Manhattan, 2 hr bike tour of central park, then went to see a musical at Steven Sonheim theater about Carole Kings career.  Very prolific songwriter, shorted her later years.  Dinner at Karl's Deli in the Village, over priced, mediocre food, meat portions large about the best you could say for it.  Sally's pastrami was very good, my brisket was mundane.
07/02/17 Cruising NYC to Croton Point NYC Croton-on-Hudson 48 Half Moon Bay Against the current most of the way, nice view of NY and Hudson Valley; Half Moon Bay Marina very nice, dockmaster, Steve so good he was bit of a pest.
Still looking for mechanic for oil change, no luck, one guy said  he could do  it Wed, Sally didn't  want to wait.
07/03/17 Shore activity repairs HMB HMB 0   Changed oil and filters both engines
07/04/17 Cruising Croton to Kingston Croton Kingston 48 Rondout Creek,Kingston On up the Hudson, caught the tidal current right this time
07/05/17 Cruising on up the Hudson Kingston New Baltimore 40 Nichols Shady Harbour  
07/06/17 Cruising Up the Hudson New Baltimore Waterford, NY 32 Erie Canal welcome center Dinner are Mc Greiveys w/ Laurie and John,  they were on their way south to a family event in Harrisburg.
07/07/17 Cruising Start west on the Erie Canal Waterford, NY Schenectady, NY 32 Schenectady Yacht Club, 3 nights 7 locks no problems, stopped short at Schenectady, some locks further west closed due to debris from heavy rains earlier in the week, epected to open Monday.
07/08/17 Shore activity Locks scheduled to open Sunday or Monday Schenectady   0   Pleayed golf at Mohawk River Golf  Course, north of canal  east of marina
07/09/17 Cruising westward on Erie Canal Schenectady Ft Plain 72 lock  wall Erie Canal not  too exciting, most  old reust belt  towns are not oriented to river/canal  and haven't  done  much to optimize  the  canal.  Newer canal routing using  the river, dams and locks goes  around the towns that canal  originally went through and created back in the 1800's.  Little  Falls looked interesting, but we were concerned about getting through problem locks so  didn't  stop.  Sally checked out town, ended up at park church service, later Dave,  came  down to canal to talk to us.  Said he had a boat for awhile, though about loop,  but wife not interested.  Worked for manufacturer then state, not much going on in town  now.
07/10/17 Cruising west on canal to Rome Ft Plain Rome 72 Rome City docks got through problem  lots,  lots of debris; talked  to some locals at Rome docks,  docktails  w/ Bob (Dreamboat Annie) and Susan (SusyQ, boat crushed at Atlantic Yach basin by barge).  She joined recently to help  crew through T-S.
Also Courageos (Coeymans Landing) just staring loop.   Also an all electric solar powered boat at dock, didn't get to talk to them.
07/11/17 Cruising Westward on the Erie Canal Rome, NY Brewerton, NY 40 Ess-Kay Marina and Boatyard through the rest of locks, across Lake  Oneida, very pretty lake.
07/12/17 Cruising out the Erie canal to Lake Ontario Brewerton Oswego 56 Oswego Marina Through the last of Erie Canal locks then  north through the Oswego Canal to Lake Ontario.  Followed Finesterre, a 43' Nordhaven headed  to Lake Superior.  Nice easy day, just barely made thelast lock in time.
07/13/17 Shore activity Wind and  rain predicted  for Lake, stayed overin Oswego for a day     0 Oswego Sally went downtown, jws computer work, then took bike to bike shop for repairs, opted out of golf due to weather.
07/14/17 Cruising Crossing Lake Ontario to Canada Oswego Kingston, Ont 56 Florad McDonald Confederation Marrina, city owned. Left Oswego early, Lake Ontario <1 ft, pickd  up a slight easterly swell around noon; overcast  gloomy day but no rain.  Late lunch in Kingston, neat town, w/ some old world European charm, vibrant downtown retail.
Cleared Canadian customs w/ a cell phone call at Kingston customs no.: 2017-19950180, no inspection.
07/15/17 Cruising Headed towards Trenton via North Channel, Adolpous Reach and Bay of Quinte Kingston Bellville 56 Crates Marina long easy day, route lightly populated, several big power plants and cement plants, not much traffic on the water
07/16/17 Cruising short day to Trenton Bellville Trenton 16   short day,  better weahter, some rain in afternoon, met several loopers at marina, docktails w/
07/17/17 Cruising Day 1 on the Trent-Severn Waterway Trenton Lock 8 Percy Reach 48 T-S waterway lock 8 Long slow day through the locks, nice area, lock keepers exceptional
07/18/17 Cruising Day 2 on the T-S Lock 8 Hastings 40 Municipal/lock wall Hastings More locks and scenery, going up the Trent River, lots of current entering the locks, close to whitewater in spots.
07/19/17 Cruising Day 3 on the T-S Hastings Peterborough 48 Peterborough municipal bike ride north along the  river and back through town, big concert at park next to marina, but shut down at 10 so noise not too bad.  Dinner at St  Veronus Cafe and Tap  Room at Waters and Hunter Streets.  Recommended by  one  of the lockmasters, excellengt Belgium restaurant, great european beers and mussels.
Bowthruster quit working.
07/20/17 Cruising Day 4 on the T-S Peterborough Youngs Point 32 Island View? long slow day through the Peterborough lift lock and then a chain of closely spaced locks, end up at start of Kawatha Lakes
07/21/17 Cruising Day 5 on the T-S Youngs Point Bobcaygen 48 Gordons In the Kawatha Lakes area, beautiful  and interesting, Stony Lake a challenge, lots of  rocks to watch out for, more boaters and traffic too
2 hr bike ride  north on Hwy 24, back on Hwy 36.
07/22/17 Cruising Day 6 on the T-S Bobcaygen Kirkfield lift locck 40 high side Kirkfield Lock out of the lakes and  into the Trent Canal and a series of shallow lakes, spent night at Kirkfield lock
07/23/17 Cruising Day 6 on the T-S Kirkfield Orillia 40 Starport-Orillia Starting down toward Georgian Bay, more narrow Trent Canal. At Starport for repairs to bowthruster
07/24/17 Shore activity holding at Orillia for repairs Orillia,  ONT   0 Starport Marina, Orillia Met  w/ boat techs on board, accepted estimate  for  bow thruster and rubrail  re-seal; golf in afternoon at Hawks Ridge Meadows course,  nice,  light rain
07/25/17 Shore activity got boat ready for repair work  and cleaning,  drive to Niagara Falls Orillia Niagara 0 starport marina  
07/26/17 Shore activity Niagara Falls-Toronto     0   Spent night at Niagara Falls, took boat ride to the falls (Maid of the Mist on US side, don't remember name of boat on Canadian side) then drove around to see the sites.  Went out to Niagara-on-the-Lake.  Sally did a couple of wine tastings then we had lunch at a winery.  Then drove to Welland Canal,  saw a large bulk carrier transit lock 3.  Toured St Catherin's Museum which included local stuff, canal exhibits and the LaCross hall of Fame.  Drove back to Toronto, stayed at an airport hotel.  Toronto traffic pretty bad.
07/27/17 Shore activity Toronto touring     0   Drove into Toronto for a bicycle tour of downtown.  Went through Chinatown, other ethnic neighborhoods, financial district, shoppingg areas and part of redeveloped lake shore.  Lunch at Whiskey Distillery district.
07/28/17 Shore activity repairs     0   Sally flew to Portland for 50yr reunion of her novitiate group.  I played golf at Royal Woodbine GC w/ three Sri Lankan IT guys, then drove back to boat at Orillia.
07/29/17 Shore activity repairs     0   Boat repairs done, but Sally not back  until  Monday.  Drove an hour north to Muskoka Lakes area and played Muskoka Bay GC.  Very high end,  hard golf course, huge very fast greens.
07/30/17 Shore activity Lake Simcoe     0   Played golf at Heritage Hills near Barrie.  Played w/ Jarrod, a cook in Barrie and George and ? father son duo.  George 77 , engineer works on hwy projects.
07/31/17 Shore activity Lake Simcoe     0   Drove to Toronto airport at 5am to pick up Sally, took 2.5 hrs due to Monday morning traffic and construction delays.  then back to boat for grocery shopping,  left around noon.
07/31/17 Cruising More Trent-Severn Waterway Lake Simcoe Swift Rapids lock 40 Swift Rapids lock left Lake Simcoe at noon after picking up Sally and prep.
08/01/17 Cruising Last day on the Trent-Severn Swift Rapids lock Midland, Ont 40 Bay Port last three locks on the T-S, including the Big Chute where they put boat in sling on a railcar to transit elevation change.  Two hour delay while they did some repairs then worked off the backlog. Glad to see the last of locks for awhile.  Stayed at Bay Port Marina, Midland.  Dinner at Boatyard Grill, solid, not exceptional.  Filled up w/ diesel, did a pump out and filled water in preparation for the "wilderness" of Georgian Bay and North Channel.
08/02/17 Cruising Day one  Georgian Bay Midland Sans Souci 40 Henry's Restaurant and Marina Easy day across GB to the small craft channel then winding way around the rocks.  Area on east side of Beausoleil Island heavily developed and lots of boat traffic, thinned out after that.
Henry's Restaurant, famed for  fried walleye (pickeral) dinners, closed, rumor is  that they couldn't get enough help, pretty remote location.
08/03/17 Cruising Day 2 Georgian Bay to Snug Harbour Sans Souci Snug Harbour 40 Snug Harbour Stopped early at Snug Harbour.  Tried  to enter marina, but for small boats only,  anchored and dinghied into Gillys for late lunch.
08/04/17 Cruising Day 3 Georgian Bay; Snug harbour to Bayfield  Inlet Snug Harbour Bayfield Inlet 24 Thompson Marine Short day, increasing winds, difficult navigation Hangdog Reef, stopped at Thompson Marine in Bayfield Inlet. small marina supplying local cottagers, room for a couple of trawerls only, onl 110v power, no  water,  trash, bathrooms or shower
08/05/17 Shore activity spent another day due to winds     0 Thompson Marine caught a cold, bad weather  day, rain and wind, spen the day watching golf tournaments
08/06/17 Cruising Day 4 Georgian Bay to Killarney Bayfield Inlet Killarney 80 Sportsmans Inn  Wind laid down,  across Georgian Bay direct to Killarney, little  rough to start, then smoothed out, pretty day
08/07/17 Shore activity Stayed in Killarne     0   Caught a head cold, stayed in  marina  for the day
08/08/17 Cruising Into the North Channel Killarney Little Current 24 Little  Current  town docks short day cruising  to Little  Current
08/09/17 Cruising NC 2 to Gore  Bay Little Current Gore Bay 32 Gore Bay Marina short day west into North Channel
08/10/17 Cruising NC3 Gore  Bay to Blind  River Gore Bay Blind River 32 BLIND RIVER easy day NW across North Channel  to Blind River, a former lumber town
got Blind River motors to help  change  oil
08/11/17 Cruising Last day on North Channel Blind River De Tour Village 48 De Tour Village Due to winds predicted  for  Saturday,  decided  to make  straight run for  Drummond Island.  Raining  and stiff wind at 8am, sea rough for first hour or so, smoothed  out later per  forecast and change  of travel  direction.
Cleared US Customs at Drummond Island yacht Haven;  clearance no.:  S5 (SS or 55?)MO811 2017 1347; didn't  have records of SRVS float  plan; took ID and  boat  info, asked  about weapons only,  no  inspection.
08/12/17 Shore activity layover day De Tour VIllage   0 De Tour Village Stayed at De Tour, raining  in am, biked around town,  watched PGA Championship on TV
08/13/17 Shore activity Short boat hop  and golf De Tour Village Drummond Island 0 Drummond Island Yacht Haven Cruised  back to Drummond Island Yacht Haven, then played golf at Drummond Island Resort  "The Rock"   very nice golf course in the  woods; lunch at Northwoods Bar & Grill
08/14/17 Cruising Into  Lake Huron to Mackinaw Drummond Island Mackinaw City 64 Machinaw City Marina Ran outside in Lake Huron, smooth
08/15/17 Shore activity Mackinac Island     0 Mackinaw City Marina Ferry to Mackinac Island  w/ bikes; did 8 mile shore loop; jws  Playyed golf at The Jewel (Grand Hotel) golf course, Sally did fort and other  scenic spots, dinner  at Iroquois Hotel on the water front.
Played golf w/ Blake and Lindsay from Milwaukee
08/16/17 Cruising Into  Lake  Michigan Mackinaw  City St James Harbour,  Beaver  island 40 Beaver Island City Marina light chopm  wind picked  up as we got into  Beaver Island; forecast bad for  Th and  Friday,  seas to 8-9 ft, calm Saturday
08/17/17 Shore activity weather hold Beaver Island   0   E to  SE wind to 30kts, waives to 8+ feet forecast, actual: same  w/ on and  off rain, not  a pretty day;
Breakfast on shore
08/19/17 Shore activity Across Lake  Michigan Beaver  Island Washington  Island 0 Kap's Marina Washington Island Long trip  across Lake Michigan,  decent weather  1-2 ft waves,mostly on the bow
08/20/17 Shore activity layover at Washington Island Washington Island Detroit Harbour   0 Kap's Marina Detroit Harbour, Washington  Island Breakfast at Red Barn Cafe,  by bicycle,  then  took  abrief roundabout  ride  back to ferry dock for  Cherry Train  tour.  Back  to boat and watched 3rd day of Solheim  Cup and  Wyndham PGA; dinner  at  White House hotel, good,  not too  expensive,cab  w/ Leo
08/21/17 Cruising Into Green Bay Wiashington Island Fish Creek 24 Alibi Marina Cross the  Porte Des Mortes to Door Peninsula
Dinner at pizza joint at entry to regional park, saw "Oklahoma in Wisconsin" a local repertory performance at unique outdoor theater in state park.
08/22/17 Cruising South along Door  Peninsula Fish Creek Sturgeon Bay 24 440 Hudson privat dock Heavy wind in early morning, eased  slightly, got a pump out at town dock, then out into Green Bay; 15-20 out of the west tonorth west; rough ride 2-4 ft seas
Arrived Sturgeon Bay w/  minimal damage; met by Jim Schaus, Donnie and Delores, and Terry and Karen.  Put boat in dock at Jim's cottage.  SPent afternoon w/ beer, Jack Daniels "Honey" and dinner out, got fairly blasted, but recovered, hangover minimal.
08/23/17 Shore activity At Jim's cottage Sturgeon Bay   0 Jim's Went to  late breakfast, Alan and friend (JoAnn Savage) came by.
08/24/17 Shore activity Flew back to  Colorado for a break Stugeon Bay Rifle 0   10 days in CO for archery season w/ Terry, Labor Day at RCGC w/  earl and Stan, returned to Sturgeon Bay 9/5
09/06/17 Shore activity At Sturgeon Bay for treated water pump replacement Sturgeon Bay   0 Jim's dock  
09/07/17 Cruising South on Lake Michigan Sturgeon Bay Kewaunee 40 Salmon Harbor easy day,  smooth lake to Keewaunee
09/08/17 Cruising South on Lake Michigan Keewaunee Sheboygan 48 Harbour Centre Marina Another easy day o the lake
09/09/17 Shore activity ashore at Sheboygan Sheboygan Sheboygan 0 Harbor Centre office work, haircut, dinner at English Pub at harbor, very good
09/10/17 Shore activity Golf at Kohler     0   Golf at The Irish Course at Whistling Straights, hole in one on #13,  forecaddie: Jordan Lowery; works at Troon North in Scottsdale in winter, wife's family from Craig comes through Rifle sometimes.
09/11/17 Shore activity golf at Kohler     0   Stayed over for another day of golf; played The Rivers Course at Blackwolf Run w/ Sally then I played Valley Meadows course in afternoon.
09/12/17 Cruising south on Lake Michigan Sheboygan Milwaukee 48 McKinley municipal smooth day on Lake
09/13/17 Shore activity Milwaukee     0   Sally sightseeing; John  work in morning, 3+ hr bike ride in afternoon; east through town, then out the Red Oak Leaf Trail, back  on Hwy 100 to Lakeshore Drive, south through Fox Point, Whitefish Bay and Shorewood to marina; Sally went to a play
09/14/17 Shore activity Milwaukee     0   Golf at Errin Hills today
09/15/17 Cruising south on Lake Michigan Milwaukee Racine 40 ReefPoint moderate chop SE 10-15mph
09/16/17 Shore activity Racine Racine Racine 0 ReefPoint held over in Racine due to winds
09/17/17 Cruising south on Lake Michigan Racine Chicago 64 Burnham Harbour started choppy but smoothed out later.  long but easy day
09/18/17 Shore activity Chicago     0   9-12 Bobby's Bike Tour, north from Navy Pier area
luunch at the Purple Pig on Michigan Ave, vey interesting restaurant.
09/19/17 Shore activity Chicgo     0   River Architectural tour, lunch at Banderas on Michigan Ave
09/20/17 Shore activity Chicago     0   office  work,  swabbed the decks, read;  Sally went to Filed Museum, dinner, show and drink at John Hancock tower
09/21/17 Cruising Chicago to Joliet Chicago Joliet 56 Joliet Wall Chicago River through downtown, impressive, othersie an industrial ditch, couple of  big COE locks, lots of tugs and barges; Joliet Wall, decent stop, wall and electric poor shape, lots of weeds in the river.
09/22/17 Cruising DesPlains river to Senneca Joliet Senneca 56 Spring Brook a little less industrial, 2 hour wait at Joliet (Brandon road) lock for maintenance on the lock, lower river nicer than first day, few more recrational boaters, small marinas and campgrounds.  Another long wait at next lock waiting for tug boat (no barges) to  catchup.
09/23/17 Cruising south on Illinois waterway Senneca Ottowa 8 Heritage Harbour short day, got a quick lock thru at Mareselles lock w/ Insandity, a GH N37 on thier second loop; boats traveling with us previous day took 4+ hours getting through the lock, we stopped short
09/24/17 Shore activity Ottowa, IL Ottowa   0 Heritage Harbour Sally went to Octobervest Polka mass,  JWS rode bicycle 5 miles to Dayton Ridge GC played 18 holes, modest course, but ok.  Continued hot, 90+ since the first day in Chicago
09/25/17 Cruising Illinois Waterway Ottowa Henry 64 Henry's Used courtesy car to take docs to UPS to send to Alpine Bank, ok day on the river, a couple of big barges, mostly tree lined, couldn;t see much. Stopped at Henry's courtesty dock, an old abandoned lock wall, just behind Binary; Salty Dog, a pilgrim on wall, helped us dock.  Beers at the bar w/  Binary, nice canadians w/ 2 teenage sons just starting loop
09/26/17 Cruising Illionois Waterway Henry Peoria 24 Illinois Valley Yacht Club (IVY) Got through Marselles lock with minimum delay; Uber to downtown, went through the Caterpillar Center; dinner t Thyme and Me? Manager recommended golf at Weaver Ridge and Lick Creek
09/27/17 Shore activity Peoria golf Peoria   0 IVY Golf at Weaver Ridge,  very good course
09/28/17 Shore activity   Peoria   0 IVY spent morning cleaning up boat from spiders and other bugs; President's Club in afternoon
09/29/17 Shore activity golf Peoria   0 IVY golf at Lick  Creek,  Presidents Cup in pm
09/30/17 Cruising Illinois Waterway Peoria Beardstown 88 Logdson Tug Services long day on river, mostly tree lined,  less industrial
10/01/17 Shore activity layover  day Beardstown   0 Logsdon  Tow easy Sunday, Presidents Cup in afternoon
10/02/17 Cruising Illinois Waterway Beaardstown Harden 72 Mels Riverside another longish day on  the waterway, got through LaGrange lock quickly; docked at Harden,  dinner at Mels Riverside Rest.  pretty good food and pie
10/03/17 Cruising Last day on the Illinois Harden St Charles, MO 24 Port Charles big rock bluffs along Illinois river unexpected, Mississippi not as big as expected.
10/04/17 Cruising first day onthe Mississippi St Charles Alton 24 Alton Marina short east day down the Mississippi; dinner at Fast Eddies, interesting  to see, but not really worth going to unless with a crowd that wnts to party, food delivery pretty slow,  minimal menu, no  vegies
10/05/17 Shore activity St Louis Alton   0 Alton Marina Got an Enterprise rental car, drove into St  Louis; Sally went to mass at the Basilica and a tour of  the mosaics, met back at  Lumiere Casino for trolley tour,  then went to Gateway Arch, trip up claustrophobic andnot that great a view; dinner at Broadway Oyster Bar, excellent.
10/06/17 Shore activity Alton IL Alton IL   0 Alton JWS: golf  at Spencer T. Olin GC, good;  Sally went back into St Louis for a food tour; jws: lunch at Bakery Brew Pub walkway over freeway to  downtown, excellent food and service.
10/07/17 Shore activity layover day in Alton Alton   0 Alton Alex Harrison and son Arlo came to boat, spent several  hours, wife working so we didn't  see her; jws:  late afternoon  bike ride on bike path to north; bike path poorly maintained, rough, hadn't been swept in years.
10/08/17 Cruising Down the Mississippi Alton Kimmswick 40   Through St Louis harbor, not  much activity on Sunday; got through Mel Price and Chaine of  Rocks locks quickly;  Sally said she read that 1/3rd  of the grain transported inthe world goes through the Mel  Price lock
Hoppies: as advertised,  Kimmswick/Imperial:  suburb of  St Louis,  lots of good restaurants and shops.  JWS: bicycled couple of miles to Mastadon State Park, first  place Clovis points found in close proximity to mastadon bones.
Dinner at Delta Queen: good.
10/09/17 Cruising day 2 on the Mississippi Kimmswick Kaskaskia River 32 Kaskaskia River lock wall Left Hoppies w/ 3 other boats:  Miss Lilly, Cha Cha,  and State of Bliss, stayed together to Kaskaskia River lock, tied  to lock  wall for night, dinner on Miss Lilly
10/10/17 Cruising Day 3 on the Mississippi Kaskaskia River lock Little Diversion at Cape Girardeau 64 Little Diversion anchorage Continued as a group w/ Miss Lilly, Cha Cha and ?Bliss.  Very few tows today, lots yesterday.  Little Diversion good anchorage,  Tag Team, Orion and Double J already there
10/11/17 Cruising Day 4 on the Mississippi Cape Girardeau Joppa, IL Mile 954.5 Ohio River Bean Branch Creek 88 Bean Branch Creek anchorage mm 954.5 on the Ohio Left before others, caught by Double J and Orion, Tag Team left before we did. Lots of tows on Mississippi today, turned corner to Ohio  at Cairo,  to total zoo.  Lock 52 on Ohio  has been closed due to high water so Ohio around Cairo tows stacked up like cordwood.  1.5+ delay at Olmstead Lock (under construction,  will replace Lock 53 and 52.  Lock chambers done, working on dam).  Got to Bean  Branch Creek anchorage, just at dusk, easy anchoring.
Lock 52 closed due to high  water, may open Th or Friday, lots of tows backed up, but we are above most of them.
10/12/17 Cruising Day 2 on  the  Ohio Joppa,  IL Metropolis,  IL 16 anchored,  Metropolis  IL Short day to move up  the river, Lock 53 still  may not  open  until 10/16 Monday!; Anchored hear  Harrahs  Casion Boat at  Metropolis (home of Superman), went into  town to  gets some docs notarized and  sent  off.  Gen-Set not  working.
10/13/17 Shore activity holding at Metropolis for  Lock  52 Metropolis   0 Ohio River  Lock  52 anchored,  had to stay with boat to run main engines and  charge batteries.  Lock may open tomorrow, so  moved up  to Lock 52 and anchored on KY side of river,  13 boats waiting.
10/14/17 Cruising Last day on the Ohio on to Tennessee River Paducah,  KY Grand  Rivers  KY 56 Green Turtle Bay Resort Got  through Lock  52 about 10:30, called Kentucky Lake Lock on Tennessee, said no  traffic  so we took the shorter  route to Kentucky Lake.  Tennessee  River much nicer  than Ohio, still lot  of commercial, but more  recreational traffic  also.  Kentucky Lake  Lock, first TVA  lock, 57' rise, verhy  large  facility.  Then  around  the corner to  Green Turtle Bay.  Walked over  to Green  Turtle Tavern for late lunch.
10/15/17 Shore activity at Marina;  Grand Rivers KY   0 Green Turtle  Bay Resourt storm  predicted, changed  oil and worked  on Gen-set
Dinner at Pattis in Grand Rivers
10/16/17 Shore activity Holding in marina Grand Rivers, KY   0 Green Turtle Bay Waiting for mechanic to look at generator, finally showed up in pm. Sally went to Paducah to get rental car
10/17/17 Shore activity Tenn--KY road trip Grand Rivers Nashville 0 GTB south through Hopkinsville to Nashville, dinner at Money's in German Town, true family style dinning, fixed menu, all customers share tables. Went to Grand Ole Opry in evening.
10/18/17 Shore activity Day 2 road trip Nashville Knoxville 0 GTB Scenic route over Cumberland Plateau; took a "DUCK" (army 2-1/2 ton truck w/ hull) tour of Cumberland River, then drove on up to Knoxville area.  Dinner in gentrifying Old Town, it has some ways to go yet.
10/19/17 Shore activity Day 3 road trip Knoxville Lexington 0 GTB Toured Oak Ridge in am, then on up to Lexington.  Dinner at Jane Barley Corns in Danville.
10/20/17 Shore activity Day 4 road trip Lexington Centerville OH 0 GTB Golf at Univ of KY Big Blue course west of Lexington.  Nice course, but ended up behind a large group of engineers playing a scramble, very slow, wuit after 14 holes.
Drove on north through Cincinnati to Centerville.  Met Carol Lee and Bill at house and they took us to Amber Rose, a Lithuanian influenced German restaurant in Dayton.  Good, but I had Sauerbraten and it was like a flank steak, some odd tasting marinade/sauce and very tough. Stayed in hotel in Centerville
10/21/17 Shore activity Day 5 road trip Centerville Louisville 0 GTB Met up w/ Ben Gagne and 2 year old son Lucas at Findlay Market, bought lunch and took tram up to nearby park.
Drove to Louisville, stayed in Hilton Garden Inn htel downtown.
Dinner w/ Pete and Delores at Z's Oyster Bar and Steakhouse off of Shelbyville Road, east side of Louisville.
10/22/17 Shore activity Day 6 road trip Louisville Franklin, KY 0 GTB Played golf at Fuzzy Zoellers Covered Bridge golf course in Indiana (10 miles north of river) w/ Mark Leonhardt  and his friend Dave Yannish.
Lat lunch at the golf course, then drove south to Franklin, KY
10/23/17 Shore activity Day 6 road trip Franklin, KY Grand Rivers, KY 0 GTB Rained all night, went to Kenny Perry's Country Creek golf course. Tried to play, very wet and still rainning off and on, got in 9 holes then headed back to GTB
Met w/ Gary at Boat Works, gen-set and blacwater piping all repaired.  Charged double shop rate ($90/180/hr) forr tight spaces and toilet work.
10/24/17 Cruising Day 1 Tennessee River Grand Rivers, KY Oak Hill, TN 56 Paris Landing State Park Marina Windy, but otherwise easy day
10/25/17 Cruising Day 2 on the Tennessee Paris Landing Cuba Landing 56 Cuba Landing easy day on the river, not much commercial traffic; got to end of  lake, back in river
10/26/17 Cruising Day 3 on Tennessee Cuba Landing Clifton 48 Clifton easy day on the river, docked at Clifton Marina with a number or other boats, including Sea Dog (Hoskins) dinner at marina office, hamburgers, not much to town.
10/27/17 Cruising Day 4 on the Tennessee Clifton Iuka, MS Aqua Marina 80 Aqua Yacht Marina 1.5 hr delay at Pickwick  Lock, weather getting cold and wet,  got  into  Aqua Marina in fading light
10/28/17 Shore activity Pickwick Lake   Aqua Yacht Marina 0 Aqua Wayne Perkins drove up from Aberdeen, took us on car tour of Shiloh Battlefield and Indan Mound monument.  Wayne said he was at Shiloh as a Boy Scout in late 60's.
Dinner at Jerry T's better than reviews indicated.
10/29/17 Cruising Short day cruise w/ Wayne Aqua Marina Aqua marina 24 Aqua Yacht Marina Cruise w Wyane, Yellow Creek -Pickwick Lake-Aqua Marina
10/30/17 Shore activity Engine work  at Aqua Aqua Aqua 0 Aqua Yacht Marina Aqua Yach mechanic worked on chaft alignment
10/31/17 Cruising Day 1 on the Tenn-Tom Aqua Yacht Marina Fulton, MS 64 Midway Marina Down the Tenn-Tom through three locks to Midway Marina, pretty day, getting a little warmer
11/01/17 Cruising Day 2 on the Tenn-Tom Fulton Columbus 80 Columbus long day locks  ok; lots of  Loopers at Columbus Marina; dinner w/ Wayne at Harveys,  just ok
11/02/17 Cruising Day 3 on the Tenn-Tom Columbus Warsaw Cutoff 72 Warsaw Cutoff big group went through Columbus Lock in am, nice scenery, but not much on the river; anchored in Warsaw Cutoff, large anchorage, deep
11/03/17 Cruising Day 4 on the Tenn Tom Warsaw Cutoff Demopolis 56 Demopolis Yacht Basin/Firebird One lock,  not  much on  the river; large marina, shuttle van to town, Dinner at SVH Bistro,  good beer and wine shop,  food ordinary
11/04/17 Cruising Day 5 on the Tenn-Tom Demopolis Bashi Basin 72 MM 145 10 boats through Demopolis Lock  in the fog, a bit dicey but ok  w/ electronic charts, radar and AIS
11/05/17 Cruising Day 6 on the Tenn-Tom Bashi Bobby's-Coffeeville 32 Bobbys Fish Camp short day, 12-13 boats ended up at Bobby's Fish Camp, rafted 4 deep.  Had the fabled cat fish dinner; marginal at best, nice people, but can't  cook.
11/06/17 Cruising day 7 on the Tenn-Tom Coffeeville Tensas river 80 Tensaw River MM 39 13 boats in the Coffeeville Lock at 0630, well organized no  problems; long day on the river, saw a large alligator yesterday, no other animals, but lots of birds, Great Blue Herons,  White Herons (egrets?) a few bald eagles, some ducks I  couldn't identify, maybe Scaups or Ruddy Ducks. Anchored on Tensaw River MM 39
11/07/17 Cruising Day 1 west towards new Orleans Dog River Biloxi 64 Biloxi Small Craft long easy day, no wind or waves but grey and overcast, lots of dolphins
Dinner at Half Shell, local chain,very good, excellent service
11/07/17 Cruising Day 8 on the Tenn-Tom Tensas River Dog River 48 Dog river  
11/09/17 Shore activity Held over in Biloxi  due to  winds Biloxi Biloxi 0 Biloxi small craft had to move slips, several times to get to a power pedestal that would work
11/10/17 Shore activity To new Orleans by car Biloxi New Orleans 0 Biloxi Small Craft Drove US 90 into  New Orleans; saw lots of empty lots  along the beach and new construction.  Katrina did its worst storm damage Biloxi-GulfPort; New Orelans was flooding due to overtopping and  breach of levees.
Lunch at Le Cochon, spectacullar, better than the  Purple Pig in Chicago.  Hotel: Plaza Suites at Causeway and I-10.
11/11/17 Shore activity New  Orleans New  Orleans New Orleans 0 Biloxi Small  Craft golf in morning at TPC Louisiana, dinner w/ Chris, Phyllis (didnt make it due to illness),  Dan and Suzanne; Phillip (Suzannes nephew) and Barbara  (Suzanne's  mother). Dinner at Ralphs at the Park, nice but not exceptional.
11/12/17 Shore activity New  Orleans New  Orleans Biloxi 0 Biloxi Spent morning in French Quarter, pretty active for Sunday morning.  Sally went to church, brunh at Court of the Two Sisters, a daily buffet.  Food not exceptional, nice place w/ jazz quartet and excellent service. Then headed back to Biloxi via the Causseway across Lake Ponchetrain. 
11/13/17 Shore activity Biloxi golf Biloxi   0 Biloxi Weather warming up a bit.  Played golf at Great Southern Golf Club, on the beach west of Gulfport.  1908 Donal ross design.  Not very good condition, but a fun round on an old classic course.
Dan came by boat in afternoon, decided to  go to Fort Massachusettes tomorrow.
11/14/17 Cruising Day cruise Biloxi   104 Biloxi Met Dan, Suzanne, and Chris Holt at boat in Biloxi, took cruise out to Fort Massachussetes, had lunch tied up  to  pier (in process of being repaired) and returned,  Nice quiet day, ll enjoyed the trip
11/15/17 Cruising Day 1 Gulf Coast Biloxi Gulf Shores 80 Homeport Left Biloxi in an easterly breeze, seas got a little rough for a couple of hours (2-3 ft on the bow) then settled down, easy crossing of Mobile Bay, then beautiful afternoon to Gulf Shores.  Dinner at LuLus (Jimmy Buffets sister)
11/16/17 Cruising Day 2 Gulf Coast Gulf Shores Pensacola 40 Palafox Marina Beautiful day, sunshine, but a bit cool, no wind, lots of birds and dolphins.  Dinner  in Pensacola at Global Grill, eclectic Tapas.
11/17/17 Cruising Day 3 Gulf  Coast Pensacola Sandestin 56 Sandestin Another pretty day on the Gulf Coast; dinner on boat; Sandestin Marina, high end resort, lots of stuff on shore,  but we didn't use, small  craft advisory coming for Sunday so had to make it to Panama City before it hit.
11/18/17 Cruising Day 4 on the Gulf Coast Sandestin Panama City 56 Panama City some  wind  out of the  south, some of the  bays light chop
11/19/17 Cruising Gulf  crossing Apalachicola Tarpon Springs 192 Tarpon Springs Municipal/Gianis Left Apalachicola at 10am with a good weather forecast and  two other boats.  AGAPE w/  Harry and Nancy Burk (Tenn MD) he  had  hired a captain because he had  to get back  to  work;  and Pharm  Life (never met them).  Light chop until  dark, then sea got very smooth  for  all night, light chop in am, arrived  Tarpon Springs 0930 no problems.  Triedto dock at Tarpon Springs  City Marina,  but their slip pilings were too  tight for us,  they got us a tie  up on face  dock at adjacent business.
11/19/17 Shore activity Layover in Panama  City Panama  City   0 Panama City JWS golf at Holiday golf Club with a group of retired military guys,  Nice course,  good condition,  a little  cold  and windy.  Sally went to  church.
Teri and Tom Floore came down  to marina to see boat, then we went to their house, then out to dinner at Uncle Ernies near St Andrews marina.  Nice place, good service, but marginal food and grossly over priced.  Tom paid for dinner.
Tom stopped at West Marine to pick up oil for oil change tomorrow.
11/20/17 Shore activity lay over in Panama City Panama City   0 Panama City changed oil in morning, office  work rest of day, Sally laundry and tour on bike
11/21/17 Shore activity Layover in Panama City Panama City   0 Panama City Municipal office work in am, golf at Holiday Golf Club, "Dog fight" modified Chicago, skins closest to pin.  Played w/ Jack (from West Virgina, coached some colleg golf) and John Clark, retired Coast Guard.  Played terribly, probably because stiff from oil change work.  Uber driver back was John Clark's son (cook at Navy dive school)
11/22/17 Cruising Day 7 on the Gulf Coast Panama City Port St Joseph 48 Port St Joseph east out of Panama City through East Bay, then into GICWW cut towards Apalachicola.  Passed a Fu Wa? trawler, Ocean Star? from Ketchikan, AK, said they came down through the Inside Passage, then trucked the boat to St. Paul. Headed to Apalachicola, but finally decided to take the rim route around the gulf via Steinhatchee on Saturday so stopped short at Port St Joseph.  Good marina, nice town.  Took a 2 hr bike ride east to end of bay, San Blas Road (25miles).  Did pretty well considering haven't been riding much lately.
11/23/17 Cruising Day 8 on the Gulf Coast Port St Joe Apalachicola 40 Scipio Creek Short day, back track  on the Gulf Canal,  then  East on the GICWW to Lake Wimico then down  the Apalcahicola River; Sally picked up Thanksgiving Dinner at Port St Joe grocery store, dinner on boat.
11/24/17 Shore activity Lay over in Apalachicola Apalachicola   0 Scipio Creek Decided to stay in Apalachicola rather than go on to Carabelle, weather forecast great Sat-Wed, will  go  straight to Tarpon Springs tomorrow; 50 min bike ride around  town;  working on boat sale stuff
11/25/17 Cruising Gulf  crossing Apalachicola Tarpon Springs 192 Tarpon Springs Municipal/Gianis Left Apalachicola at 10am with a good weather forecast and  two other boats.  AGAPE w/  Harry and Nancy Burk (Tenn MD) he  had  hired a captain because he had  to get back  to  work;  and Pharm  Life (never met them).  Light chop until  dark, then sea got very smooth  for  all night, light chop in am, arrived  Tarpon Springs 0930 no problems.  Triedto dock at Tarpon Springs  City Marina,  but their slip pilings were too  tight for us,  they got us a tie  up on face  dock at adjacent business.
11/26/17 Cruising Gulf  crossing-Tarpon Springs Gulf of Mexico Tarpon Springs 0 Tarpon Springs Municipal/Gianis  Light chop until  dark, then sea got very smooth  for  all night, light chop in am, arrived  Tarpon Springs 0930 no problems.  Triedto dock at Tarpon Springs  City Marina,  but their slip pilings were too  tight for us,  they got us a tie  up on face  dock at adjacent business.  Late lunch at Mykonos,  excellent.
11/27/17 Cruising south Tarpon Springs Clearwater 24 Clearwater  Municipal  
11/28/17 Shore activity Working on gen-set repairs Clearwater   0 Clearwater Municipal Harbor Spent morning calling boat yards, got recommendation from Mastry for Dave McFarlane, DEMPSI,  called him he came by in afternoon, diagnosed bad oil  sensor, will pick up part tomorrow.
11/29/17 Shore activity Working on gen-set repairs Clearwater   0 Clearwater Municipal Harbor Dave McFarlane w/ DEMPSI came back, replaced oil  sensor, still problems, ordered exhasust elbo temp sensor and exhaust elbow, delivery to sarastoat, jws to install parts from MASE
11/30/17 Shore activity golf Clearwaternly $29   0 Clearwater  Harbo  Municipal golf at Crescent Oaks up towards Tarpon Springs, very nice golf course only $29; dinner at The Living Room in Dunedin
12/01/17 Shore activity St Petersburg Boat Show Clearwater   0 Clearwater Harbor Municipal Went to St Pete Boat Show, lots  of boats and vendors, saw another GH37 going on themarket for $259, 000; 2002.
12/02/17 Shore activity golf Clearwater   0 Clearwater golf at TPC Tampa Bay/Clearwater (way north), exceellent course, very fast greens, slow 5hr round,  Dinner at golf course.
12/03/17 Shore activity golf  and church Clearwater   0 Clearwater Sally went to church I played golf at Clearwater CC, old parkland course,  average condition;  played w.  a couple Chris and Anne Marie,  he works  with a large  Detroit/allison service shop, she has her own hair salon.
Took the ferry (docked on side of dock across from our slip) over to Clearwater Beach, dinner at the "Original" Frenchy's, mostly a local  bar dive,  food so-so.
12/04/17 Cruising soth from Clearwater Clearwater Sarasota 56 Marina Jack's Failry easy day, lots of go slow areas due to marinas and docked boats, crossed  Tampa Bay entrance, calm. Docktails w/ Chucka and Cindy Wilson (Canadians) on Neverland, a Camano-Troll and Michael and Tammi Magee (dsog Akita Kato) on "Trawler Tales o fthe Nep Pepper" also Canadians, he is a golfer; and aonther guy with large boat docked nearby.
12/05/17 Shore activity boat work Sarasota   0 Marina Jacks Tried to put new parts on gen-set, but couldn't get into tight space; called Bay Front Yacht Works.  worked on cleaning boat up. office work.
Dinner at Owens Fish Camp good.
12/05/17 Shore activity Sarasota layover Sarasota   0 Marina Jacks Tried to work on gen-set replaing exhaust elbow and sensor.  Decided couldn't get to area to work on it, called repair shop.  Andrew came bay in afternoon, said  would  work on it  in  morning.
Dinner at Owens Fish Camp.
12/06/17 Shore activity Sarasota layover Sarasota   0 Marina Jacks Andrew installed gen-set exhuast elbow; gen-set ran for an hour +.
We took marina shuttle to Ringling Circus and Art Museum.  Miniature circus moost impressive exhibit.  Circus museum minimal.  Ringling house not  toured, spent a little while in art museums.  A small fairly random collection of Asian and  old masters art.
12/06/17 Shore activity Layover at Sarasota Sarasota   0 Marina Jacks Andrew from Bayfront Yacht Works came  to boat and put in new exhaust elbow and temp sensor on Gen-set, seemed to fix problems.  Took Marina shuttle  to Ringling Museum.  Howard Bros  ministure circus most impressive,  general circus museum not much.  Art museum some old  masters and small asian collection.  Dinner on boat.
12/07/17 Shore activity Golf Sarasota   0 Marina Jacks Played at local  muni course Bobby Jones GC, English course.  OK, not exceptional.  Lunch at Marina Jacks.
12/08/17 Cruising Headed south on the  last leg Sarasota Venice 18 Fishermans Wharf-Venice Short day,  lots of  manatee zones. Dinner at marina restaurant.
12/09/17 Shore activity weather layover Venice   0 Fishermans Wharf wind and rain,  decided to hold in Venice
12/10/17 Cruising South to Boca Grande Venice Boca Grande 29 Boca Grande Marina Chosee stop so  we coulb play Gasparilla Inn GC, had to stay at hotel one  night.  Checked in, old but very well maintained, dinner at The  Pink Elephant.
12/11/17 Shore activity golf at Gasparilla Golf Club Boca Grande Boca Grande 0 Boca Grande nice golf course, exceptional  condition.
12/12/17 Cruising LAST DAY OF GREAT LOOP!! Boca Grande Ft Myers Beach 39 Salty Sam's Last day,  windy, but  Pine Island Sound well protected.  Went dow to look at rental house, getting into  dock will be dicey.  Crossed our wake in front of Olsen Marine at 13:29.
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